Singer Deya released clip "People"

Singer Deya released clip "People"
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Singer day has released a music video for the song "People".The main characters of the video are the people themselves, looking for their place on Earth, my purpose in life. Conceived black-and-white clip focuses the viewers attention on the main point: remember why you're here, you go through life, warming the other the warmth of their hearts!

Video "People" – this is a figurative story of a bright personality, whose path is full of loneliness and frustrations, about a vulnerable soul, forced to hide from the biting grins under the mask of indifference.This is a young direct gaze deep into our human world – a naive, romantic and observant.

"My new video is woven from visual allegories and yet, there is something very special: we wanted to show the usual, at first glance, but so different, full of sincere emotions and passions of a person "normal" people. The people with whom you confronts life in a raging stream rushing humanity," said Dai.

The Director of the video was the young and talented music video Director Evgeny Lizunov.

A great job was done by the creative producer of the project Oleg Kaloshina, whereby the clip "People" got a deep, exceptional incarnation, which undoubtedly will be able to evaluate the audience.


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