Hellfest postponed to 2021

Hellfest postponed to 2021
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The festival website

Tickets will be valid next year

Here is what is said on the festival website:


French authorities signed the end of the game. At this year HELLFEST.

In the last few days many of you were concerned about the fate of the festival. You have shown us your support in this unprecedented situation, so much beating us in the face. Like you, we to the last minute believed that the festival could take place this year.

Unfortunately, in the face of this unprecedented situation, the Prefecture of the Loire and the Atlantic, and the Ministry of culture adopted the only reasonable solution is to ban the festival. So HELLFEST EDITION 2020 is canceled. We support their decision and wish to thank them for their attention and responsiveness to our festival.

The more days passed the more it seemed impossible to present the festival's 2020 organized at the appropriate level, and most important: it was impossible to guarantee your safety. Realizing that the risk of infection associated with Covid-19, there will still be high in June, for us it would be irresponsible and dangerous to allow tens of thousands of fans-without a shirt, and eager to gather in such a limited area. State officials also told us that they are no longer able to guarantee the presence of security and salvation (that is, a police unit, the emergency Department, medical service etc) for any activities involving the presence of many people, such as ours.

With heavy hearts we came to the decision to postpone the 15th anniversary Hellfest 18, 19 and 20 June 2021."


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