Watch Kesha's performance with the song "Fallon"

Watch Kesha's performance with the song "Fallon"
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Kesha called the last socially remote episode of The Tonight Show Friday to send home a recording of the song "Fallon" with her LP High Road 2020.

Earlier this week, "bored at home" Kesha presented a mini-a song inspired by "Home Alone". It also announced plans to record it for a new project, a podcast iHeartMedia for graduates in 2020, which will be without ceremony, and will perform live at the upcoming GLAAD events "Together in Pride: You Are Not Alone" on April 26.

"This is insanely weird. But we will all get through this together. To sit at home and do a million things - it's so uncomfortable, but it should be," said Kesha to his fans.

"In the meantime, try to stay healthy, safe and sane. I think it really made me realize that we are global village, our actions affect people we've never met, and the more patience and compassion we can show for each other, the stronger and more United we will all feel when this is all over."


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