MARCEL will give a great online concert may 7

MARCEL will give a great online concert may 7

Marcel will give the biggest online concert on the platform STAY

The St. Petersburg group Marseille will give a great online concert on may 7 at the platform STAY. It will be a full performance — main stage, live sound, special effects, best hits and just the positive energy from the group.

Marseille are preparing a lot of surprises and interactivity with the audience — they plan to actively answer questions and chat, draw, make photos, and some even can get to meet&greet with the musicians after the performance. Online concert on STAY dedicated to the birthday of one of the participants in the trio – saxophonist Mitya Blinov.

Leading concert — Ilya Sobolev, comedian, musician, presenter and showman, resident of Comedy Club, member of the comedian trio "Ivanov, Smirnov, Sobolev".

Marseille — artists hits "Prejudice and pride" and "Not give up", "This song is for you", "where", "How much", holders of "Golden gramophone", the nominees of the awards MUZ-TV and RU.TV, multiple members of the "Scarlet sails" and many other major festivals across the country. Their videos gaining millions of views on YouTube, and the songs echo in the hearts of thousands of fans, because the topics are taken from life and based on real experiences, as if you were there, and they sang. Those who once were at a live concert, coming again and again, noting the sincerity, musicality and a real drive and absolute dedication, which is rarely seen at the concerts of pop singers.



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