Julia Kostyushkin, Larisa Surkova and other bloggers have found the real heroes of our time

Julia Kostyushkin, Larisa Surkova and other bloggers have found the real heroes of our time
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Who are the heroes today? What deeds they do for each of us and thus remain unnoticed?

It is now clear that this is not the characters of Hollywood movies with the armor and Cape over the shoulders, not the ones who saves the world on the pages of books or vivid comics, this is – real people, professionally and responsibly carry out their work. Doctors and volunteers, teachers, vendors, drivers, pharmacists and representatives of other important today professions are guarded by the usual peace and quiet life, take care of us and our children, are doing everything they can for the common good.

To say "Thank you" to these people with a capital letter and to thank them for the great work decided the brand of "6 acres". Together with popular bloggers they had good and filled with positive emotions share #Nastasijevic, which has already become traditional for the company. It was first launched in the run-up to 2020, to congratulate with the upcoming holiday of people met the New year at work post.

This time the goal of the initiative was to give joyful moments to those who in the present circumstances had really hard, who, being literally on the front line, in a short time have adapted and mastered new formats to continue to flawlessly execute its work.

In the framework of a well-known psychologist Larisa Surkova @larangsovet presented a useful and tasty gift to a doctor on the 52nd hospital in Moscow, and a popular blogger and TV presenter Julia Kostyushkin @karapylka warmly congratulated on the Victory Day veterans of the great Patriotic War, Elizabeth Filip, giving her a birthday box from the brand.

Tasty gifts with organic products of the brand and words of gratitude, the charged positive mood and energy, went across the country.

Also as part of social initiatives popular influencer from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod - bloggers @im_ksun, @rina_sara, @pitilimova__j and varya.kalinina, personally handed the gift box volunteer, teacher, pharmacist and to the cashier. And more than 25 gifts went to the most different corners of our country, representatives of important professions. These bright moments of joy and human appreciation received wide support among social media users who supported the campaign and actively shared the life stories of Real people.

After months of searching parties, a lot of warm meetings and communication with them is possible to tell with confidence, that the true hero lives within each of us. For everyone who appreciates the present and who can give happiness to people who like their job and responsibly to its implementation, who works for the common good. The true heroes are all of us!


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