ZaNoZa released the single “Village”

ZaNoZa released the single “Village”
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ZaNoZa released the single “Village”. This track is eighteen-year-old actress prepared before you start cooperation with Navigator Records, but even in the independent work of the singer is clearly visible a great creative potential.

As befits a young girl, your song ZaNoZa devoted love.

“Love is unpredictable, and no matter what niche you occupy in the society where you live: in a big city or in a village, sooner or later it'll catch up to you at the most unexpected moment,” says the artist. “The song of the “Village” is the story of a city girl who had just faced such a situation, falling in love with a country boy. At stake is a bright carefree life in the bustle of the city or a peaceful life in the village with a loved one”.

This track is especially relevant today, when the borders are closed, and one of the summer trends was the holiday village. Therefore, a new single, ZaNoZa has the potential to become the anthem of many girls, exchanged seaside resorts in the country house and met his love, far from the city.

ZaNoZa is the pseudonym of a very young singer from Belgorod Anastasia Sakhno. Having started his career in the spring of this year, the artist is rapidly gaining popularity in social networks, and her songs get on the air on dance radio stations and music collection along with songs Zivert, Claudia Coca, Loboda and other stars.

Approval for the singer in his tracks it tells a story of love, familiar to everyone, learn to laugh in the face of difficulty and strive for their dreams. When the singer boldly juggles genres, while still keeping their recognizable vocals and dance rhythms that provoke to move to the beat and sing along with every line.


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