New members of the scene of "Drive" at the festival "go 2020"

New members of the scene of "Drive" at the festival "go 2020"

Recently in different cities hosted the qualifying rounds for the "go 2020", the winners of which will perform on the stage of "Drive" at the festival.

The winners of the Moscow - Point Charlie, the silver medalists - the Maugleez.

Qualifying round in Nizhny Novgorod, ended with the victory of the group Fiords, and second place went to a group of Sochi.

Saint Petersburg will present the panel midsection.

All of these groups will perform on the stage DRIVE in the competition, and the winner will get the chance to play on the North stage between headliners. The competitive program will be held on the stage of the DRIVE. On Friday and Saturday from 13 to 17 on both days

The next stage of qualifying will be held in Yekaterinburg. But unfortunately the actual concerts will not, due to the fact that the quarantine has been extended in the region, so we decided to do remote selection with the help of our experts, which will consist of our members and partners. It is also expected qualifying stage in Izhevsk, but in what it will be is not yet known.
Outside of the competition program on stage "Drive" will see performances of bands D-GREEN, GORBUSHINA AND PUGACH, VALIEDOLLZ, the GRIP of a BULLDOG, AGITATORS, ASPEN, BLIZZARD, AND CAUSE!

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