Irina Slutskaya: “to Eat healthy is not expensive!”

Irina Slutskaya: “to Eat healthy is not expensive!”
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After Irina Slutskaya supported the flash mob healthy eating #Patiserii, placing the post with the photo of the fish on instagram, sporstmena rained a flurry of negative comments. Irina was accused of that not everyone can afford such "delights", and eat right on a small salary in the province impossible. What famous skater responded with a new post:

“Healthy eating is the refusal of chips, starchy foods, sodas and the fact that our children consume in unlimited quantities! And you are probably no exception. And healthy eating is not foreign to exotic products, which are expensive. Who forbids you to abandon harmful products? And I, YES, eat meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. A fish catches my son! And my mother in the garden itself(!) grows vegetables ( which we eat all summer) berries and fruits. And those who pour dirt just does not want to change anything in your life! Because a healthy and proper lifestyle , it is hard. Very hard. Have to strain and spend time. And I'd love to, periodically, I will show and tell about what and where I buy and what to feed their children.”

Unfortunately, the view that eating well is expensive - it is a common misconception that is firmly entrenched in the minds of people. In fact, in order to have a healthy diet, don't need to buy any special exotic products.

There are plenty of grains, seasonal vegetables, inexpensive fish, lean varieties of poultry, high-quality dairy products, from which must and can only cook correctly. That is why Irina Slutskaya, Layoutshow other famous athletes have supported the social initiative #Pitaisiko – everyone spread in social networks photos of their nutrition, thus attracting attention to the formation of correct eating habits.

To prove that to eat right - not to get the hole in the budget, famous chef, silver champion of the international show "Master chef" Efim Dyachenko made a recipe of delicious and healthy pie with spinach and feta.


A pack of Filo pastry

40 gr of butter and 2 eggs

250 g frozen spinach 500 g of cottage cheese 9%

25 grams of hard cheese and 90 ghete

Salt, pepper


Preheat the oven to 180C. Cottage cheese mixed with spinach, salt and pepper. To coat each layer of Filo pastry with oil (need 7-8 layers); in the center of the dough spread the filling and razravnyat her on top to break the slices of feta cheese. Wrap in an open envelope, on top of the dough grease egg. Bake on parchment for 15-20 min, remove and sprinkle with grated cheese. Then again bake for 7-9 min. Ready – easy and useful!

Eat right, lay out your photos online with the hashtag #Pitaisiko and help the young players to pursue their dream!


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