Taisiya Povaliy and Victoria Kohan released the song "I'm yours"

Taisiya Povaliy and Victoria Kohan released the song "I'm yours"
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April 17, live on the largest Russian radio premiere of the song

Taisia Povaliy "I'm yours" with lyrics by the poet Mikhail Gutseriev and music composer

Victoria Kohan.

The song "I'm yours" was the fifth collaboration Taisia Povaliy and

Victoria Kohan, and like previous tracks – "Your arms embrace the family", "Tea with

milk", "the Heart is a house for love", "You are in my eyes look" were recorded in

Kiev, one of Europe's best music studios IKSIY MUSIC.

Victoria Kohan is not only the author of the hits from the repertoire of Taisia Povaliy, but permanent

partner of the singer on stage, she often accompanies her at the piano. This is amazing

organic Duo remembered by the audience of the "New wave", "Song of the year, White nights

Saint-Petersburg", Russian National Music award "Victoria" (by the way,

and Victoria Kohan, and Taisiya Povaliy are academics). And, judging by the fact that all

without exception, the songs of Taisia Povaliy music Victoria Kohan steel

real hits, the track "I'm yours" will also love millions of listeners on

all over the country.

"Victoria feels amazing poetry and music. I'm happy

perform those songs. I see them like my listeners, and you can safely call

Victoria present "Queen of the Heath" - shares his impressions

work with the composer, people's artist of Ukraine. – Our new work "I will

your" was very exciting and accurately conveys the state of love


On April 17, the song Taisia Povaliy "I'm yours" in the air "Russian radio",

"Autoradio", "Radio Shanson", "Radio Dacha" and many others, as well as all digital



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