The rules of the site

1. Prohibited any form of insults members of the community or the administration, including obscene usernames and nicknames.

2. Prohibited Mat, including veiled.

3. Prohibited public discussion of the administration and its representatives.

4. Project administration reserves the right to modify or amend these rules at any time.

5. In the communication on the website, stick to the rules of Russian grammar and common courtesy. Prohibited deliberate mangling of words, jargon. Avoid unreasonable transition.

6. Prohibited advertising and/or spam in any form. Upon detection of such activity the user will be blocked and all his posts removed.

7. The idea of the community project MESSIKA be based on mutual respect of users of the site. In this regard, we ask You to communicate with each other only in positive or neutral, without obvious negative.

8. Comments containing incitement to ethnic hatred, is prohibited.