Moscow inhabitants will go to the Big cosmic journey

Moscow inhabitants will go to the Big cosmic journey
Cultural center "Salut" Address: Svobody str., 37
A visa is required:
for residents of Russia is not required

Is there life on Mars? What is a Black hole? What are Saturn's rings? And finally, are we in this Universe are really quite alone? The answers to these and many other questions, participants learn a unique multimedia show children and adults "Multicamo", which will be held April 20 in KC "salute".

With the help of modern technology, the audience can become the passengers of a space ship to explore the Solar system.All audience for an hour become disciples "Space Academy" and together with the heroes –the brave Rangers Astra and Leo will travel across planets and outer space, performing exciting tasks.

Young viewers will learn how to construct a Solar system, which planets it contains, wonder of space discoveries of mankind and the Universe. And adults will get pleasure from the unique for Russia of video content and the opportunity to join the world of high technology: the participants will receive a special device to manage mission –led bracelets used in the best European show!

Sessions: 12:00 and 14:00

Duration: 60 minutes (no interval)