Exhibition of artists of avant-garde street", Banneret"

Exhibition of artists of avant-garde street", Banneret"
Saint Petersburg, Sevkabel-port, Kozhevennaya line 40
A visa is required:
For citizens of Russia is required

20 used ad banners of the shopping centers will become canvases for artistic statements of artists and the demonstration of purity against the advertising of "garbage". Banners will be inserted only three days in the cable shop on the second floor, space <Sevkabel-port>.

Exhibition re-use ", Banneret" came out aggressive unwillingness to look at advertising. Noise and pointless branding in the modern city threaten man not less car smog or GMOs. The project the street artists of the avant-garde from St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow will be the answer to advertising, branding and circulation.

In the feudal age knight-banneret had the right under its banner with their heraldic symbols to fight a group of people. The flags were called banners and had a square shape. Now under the flags of banneret artists, at the risk of many lead a small group of passers-by outside information attacks, senseless and merciless stuff of mass consumption.

The exhibition does not have curators, because its authors do not wish to participate in branding, naming, and other "ng", they are just witnesses to the formation of the phenomenon of "street avant-garde". Russia's street artists together about 70 authors (and their number is constantly growing), whose artistic expression in cities can watch the attentive passers-by. It can be called forming a street avant-garde.

Artists-participants of the exhibition banner:
Fragments Giwe (Why), Maxim Ima Turban, Dust, Asim, Yuri Kiryushin, Sam, Ivan, Hito Eror (THE)

The opening of the EXHIBITION ON MAY 17TH AT 18.30 - 21.00 (free entry)
The garage party, the performance by the musician Victor Kudryashov

MAY 18 (free admission)
13.00, 18:30, 00:30 - "Walk with banderacom"- an informal tour of the exhibition with eyewitnesses. Witnesses: Pauline The Hedgehog, Kate Udalova