Show for the real ladies on 2 June in Saint-Petersburg

Show for the real ladies on 2 June in Saint-Petersburg
The Variety theatre. Arkady Raikin, Bolshaya Konyushennaya 27

The plot of this hilarious musical Comedy is familiar to viewers of Hollywood film in 1959 "In a jazz only girls" (Some likes it hot) Marilyn Monroe in the lead role. However, the play is a slightly different version, the closest to real events: in the early 30-ies of the last century, to survive in times of crisis and great depression, secretly dressed in women Actresses and participated in the campaign of Senator Ben brown...

The play "the Show for real ladies", staged a wonderful Comedy Director Vladimir Glazkov, — a real hit in the repertoire of the Theater Stage. Bright, dynamic, with songs, dances and sparkling humor, he immediately embraced by the audience, and the play of young talented actors deserved positive reviews to critical acclaim.

Cast:Ilya Arkhipov, Alexey Yanko, Kastrica Anastasia, Anastasia Kipin, Mahotkina Alena, Anastasia Lazo, Maria Nasyrova, Olga Pavlyukova, Sevastova Alena, Anka Hypponen, , Karen Galstyan, Kirill Petrov, Alexey Shilnikov, Alexander Spungin, Dmitry Mamonov, Yuriy mikhaylik, Igor Yaroshevich

Author: A. Vernier

Director — V. Glazkov

Category: 12+

Duration: 3 hours with one intermission