Barmalei. A musical for the whole family on June 9 in Saint-Petersburg

Barmalei. A musical for the whole family on June 9 in Saint-Petersburg
The Variety theatre. Arkady Raikin, Bolshaya Konyushennaya 27

Music hooliganism based on the works of K. Chukovsky

The show, which will be a real gift for fans of the genre. And for all who is waiting for the theatre of entertainment and thrilling action. Meeting with characters, friends since childhood, will bring many discoveries. And the musical theme created by a brilliant composer Georgy Firtich, be asked to the live performance and unbridled fun rhythm.

"What is important in the musical? Correctly, music. Simultaneously with the literary source inspired by the famous cartoon by David Cherkassky, "Doctor Aybolit", which sounds magnificent musical works by Georgy Firtich. Somehow they turned out to be undeservedly forgotten today, but we will correct the situation."
(I. Arkhipov, Director)

Each of these songs is incredibly distinctive, emotionally filled and completed. If they are written specifically for the stage. In them a storehouse for the actor's improvisations. And in combination with fairy tales Chukovsky turns heartfelt and rousing story.

In performance are occupied: b.. Sergey Shalagin, S. Lenkov, L. Gubieva / A. Pegel, V. Shalagina, Sluev K., Nikitin, A. Krukovsky, P. Plavskaya, E. Selivanova, A. Ivanov, N. Zverev

Lighting designer – Tatiana Yatsyuk

Choreographer – Irina Lyakhov

The arrangement of the musical numbers – Timofei Maslov

Director — Ilya Arkhipov

Category: 6+

Duration: 1 hour without intermission