Operation "Divorce"

Operation "Divorce"
Saint Petersburg Variety Theatre. Arkady Raikin

Sparkling and bright Comedy. The action takes place during the day in the living room of the mansion Mokhnatova with your favorite artists, known for numerous roles in movies.The cast:

April 19 - z.and. Of the Russian Federation A. Fedortsov, z.and. Of the Russian Federation Yu. a. Kuznetsov, A. Zibrov, A. Vasiliev, Y. Shahmuradova, M. Semenov, A. makin
May 20 - h.and. Of the Russian Federation A. Fedortsov, N. A. Of the Russian Federation, G. A., Shtil, A. Noskov, A. Vasiliev, Y. Shahmuradova, M. Semenov, A. makin

Director Alexander Sinoto (performances - Phenomena, Autumn poker, Cyrano de Bergerac, etc. called the best non projects last time) will release the adventure Comedy, created in the best traditions of such famous films as "the Bluff", "VA-Bank" and "11 Housenov".

Spy passions are, the plot thickens more and more, and all this action is spiced up with sharp jokes and on politics, and on General topics. There is in this play and something of a detective, and something dramatic, but the bright comic talents of each of the actors turn everything that happens in a real hilarious grotesque, worthy the best samples of world cinema, created in the same style.

Excellent acting, a fascinating story on a rather topical theme, excellent sets and costumes, in a word, those who buy tickets to the show "Operation "Divorce"" will not regret the time spent and will get pleasure from this easy and dynamic performances.

Both parts of the play interesting, but the most dynamic and vivid action awaits the spectators, of course, closer to the finale, but the outcome will be quite unexpected for many.

Play "Operation "Divorce"" from the category of those who would like to go again because the story is not boring, the jokes are not stuffed nauseam, and favorite actors never disappoint. So the tickets for the play "Operation "Divorce"" always enjoyed special popularity among St. Petersburg viewers, including as a gift to family and friends.

Director — Alexander Sinatov

Category: 16+

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes.