XX years old House of dance "Kannon Dance", the first school of contemporary in St. Petersburg

XX years old House of dance "Kannon Dance", the first school of contemporary in St. Petersburg
Saint Petersburg, Erarta, V. O., 29th line, D. 2
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Dec 13,14 "Four percussion five-year plan"

or the St. Petersburg house of dance "Kannon dance" 20 years (Erarta-scene, V. O., 29th line, D. 2)

13 December, 19: 00 Night of the Premier!

"The storm" project Ksenia Mikheeva;
"Waiting for Godot" (performed by Valery Kasparov, choreographer - Ksenia Mikheyeva);
"The house:" (takes <FreeDom Pro>choreographer Valery Kasparov)

14 December, 19.00 Gala concert "Four percussion five-year plan"

The first in St. Petersburg and one of Russia's oldest schools of modern dance "Kannon Dance", the founder of the International contemporary dance festival OPEN LOOK, in December of 2017 celebrates its 20th anniversary. Its founders Vadim and Natalia Kasparov, husband and wife, producer and choreographer.

For two decades, "Kannon Dance" has not only created Open Look, which collects the best foreign teachers and the most advanced dance company. "Kannon Dance" is a daily educational activities at the school dance on Kazanskaya street, this dance company, and organizer of the festivals: the dance movie "movie dance", DANS NEDERLANDS, "Plastic words", "DANCE4KIDS", the Festival Neverбальных Prime "starting Point", etc.

In modern dance, a different aesthetic. It requires more free abstractions, more open look. This area requires the viewer who is able to feel yourself, in delicate matters to think in images, to see the nuances.

The mission of the "Kannon Dance", as twenty years ago, when almost nobody knew in Russia, what is contemporary, to promote this direction in Russia, to give the possibility of exchange of experience of teachers, dancers and choreographers from different countries and to educate a new audience.