The Variety theatre. Arkady Raikin, Bolshaya Konyushennaya 27

July 28, at 12:00 and 17:00 at Variety Theatre to see a musical for the whole family "Mom-cat". Came up with his actor and playwright Aleksandr Shavrin on the basis of the fairy tale of the Chilean writer Luis sepúlveda. In the center of the plot – the story of four port Kotov, has taken the "education" of the nestling of the Seagull... ". Music this good and funny the show was written by the famous Russian musician, former member of the bit-Quartet "the Secret" Maxim Leonidov, and delivered his famous actor and Director Andrey Noskov. Excellent cast, original choreography, memorable vocal performances, modern decor and a fascinating story made a musical "Mother-cat" is popular not only among young Petersburgers, but also among their parents. This exciting and spectacular setting will give a reason to talk to children and adolescents on important topics such as the desire to find themselves, to manieristische good and evil, the ability to find happiness in each day.

Author: A. Shavrin, M. Leonidov. Actors: Sergei Safronov / A. Gulyaev, A. Red / A. Kononova, A. Burakowska / Murzagalieva A., A. Shpynev, A. Vasilev / T. Bush, R. Nikitin / A. Kolesnikov, A. Plyasheshnikov / A. Ronis, A. Sevastova, A. Buzuk, P. Belyaeva / M. Polienko, Konstantin Kitanin, I. Arkhipov, A. Ryabchikov, A. Netesova, S. Vorontsova, K. Alekseev, M. Aksenov, M. Zhilin, E. Kolarova, A. Malevany
Director — A. Noskov
Category: 6+. Duration: 2 hours with one intermission. 12 and 17.00.