Bully. Confession on August 29 in Moscow

Bully. Confession on August 29 in Moscow
Concert Hall Crocus City Hall, Moscow, 66th km of Moscow Ring Road
A visa is required:
For citizens of Russia is not required

Sergei Yesenin. Poet, brawler. The poet-bully. He always remained a man of mystery with a tragic fate. Many filmmakers and documentarians tried to reveal his character, to solve the mystery of his tragic death. But no one tried to tell us who he is — Sergei Yesenin?

This performance is difficult to limit the scope of musical and poetic performances. This is a performance-mystery — single, dramatically built composition about the life of the great poet Sergey Yesenin, made up of his verses and songs based on his poems. Esenina it is possible not only to read Yesenin you can dance, Yesenin it is possible and necessary to sing.

The poet's life — his throwing, heartache, love, poetry — and its tragic outcome on one breath is lived by actors on stage and spectators in the hall. Different poems, different styles, different facets of the art are United in the performance to show how different was Sergey Aleksandrovich Yesenin. There is shock and rock songs, and fiery tango, and lyrical ballads. Ends all this amazing mystery poignant ballet monologue.

The basis for the play amounted to the eponymous album, which was presented in recital S. Bezrukov in November 2008 in St. Petersburg in the theater. Komissarzhevskaya.

Concertized "Kromestar", Moscow, 66-ICM MKAD