Show in the rain For women only October 4 in Podolsk

Show in the rain For women only October 4 in Podolsk
DC "October", Podolsk, Moscow region, st. Sverdlova, d. 38
A visa is required:
For citizens of Russia is not required

Show in the rain IV. For women only — a bright, cheerful, romantic provocation. Relationship men and women, men lie, women's dreams — this is only a small part of the issues raised in the play. In a show marked very spicy themes that can embarrass any man. Sadness and sorrow, love and joy — the emotions of the narrator are embodied on stage in elaborate dance. Thoughts and emotions are vividly displayed in the plastic bodies of the artists. And most importantly, the whole extravaganza of the senses seasoned with humor! The final part of the show performed under the flow of water. This performance will not leave indifferent neither one spectator!

Duration 1.5 hours

Author, Director, choreographer Rustam Nadyrshin. Co-Author — Eugene Abakaev.

Lighting designer — Ivan Nikitin. Sound Engineer: Daniel Lopatin
Choreographers — Alexander Semenov, Alexey Nazarenko, Artem Popov, Vladislav Shashkin, Ilya Rumyantsev, Konstantin Morozov, Oles Zaharov, Oleg Sidorov, Sergey Kovalev, Yuri Zagidullin.