Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
Saint-Petersburg Theatre "Zazerkalie", ul 13

30 November, 15.00;

1 Dec, 12.00
"Alice in Wonderland" Premiere!
Opera in eleven chess moves with one interval based on the tale by L. Carroll 6 +
Theater "Zazerkalie", ul 13

Director - people's artist of Russia Alexander Petrov
Libretto by V. Orel
Music: Efrem Podgaits
Musical Director and conductor - Anatoly Rybalko
Artistic Director - honored artist of Russia Natalia Klimina
Choreographer - Olga Red

The story of a girl, dared to look beyond the mirror and find themselves in the mysterious and alluring world of the looking glass, of course, running out of the theatre "Zazerkalye". After all, the very name of the theater invented by its creators - artistic Director Alexander Petrov and chief conductor Pavel Bubelnikov without the influence of paradoxical philosophy of Lewis Carroll.

Are you ready to lose at least two hours of your common sense?! Maybe you are even ready together with your child to be curious what is happening there behind the mirror?.. If so, then dare to go further. Maybe you have any desire to go to 8 cells and from the pawn to become a Queen? Then let us not stubbornly repeat that the clock can't strike 13 times, and better together with Lewis Carroll give yourself a vacation mind, and soul. And it does not matter how old you are, it is important that you perceive any absurd for granted.

"Alice in Wonderland" has become a favorite work for many children and adults, and readers of any age can find something of their own. The author creates for us a special world where the illogical becomes logical and fantastic look quite natural. Tales of Lewis Carroll let us look at everything in life under a different, often unexpected angles. Children and adults with a good sense of humor