Performance "Enigmatic variations"

Performance "Enigmatic variations"

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performance "Enigmatic variations"

27 Jan 2020

DK Lensoveta

"Enigmatic variations" by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt — a play with an unpredictable enticing plot. Philosophy and love. Love the earth and irrational. Two opposing views on love, loyalty, betrayal... the Fundamental idea of this many-sided play — the impossibility to fully understand another, even beloved, people. His soul - as the "Mysterious variations".

January 27 at DK Lensoveta, viewers will see subtle and accurate psychological study of the characters is a wonderful cast (Gosha Kutsenko, Gregory siyatvinda, Olga Lomonosova), "daring" decisions stage Director Vladimir Mirzoev. Performance "Enigmatic variations" will interest those who love a spicy story, and those who respect good literature.

Playwright Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Director — Vladimir Vladimirovich Mirzoyev

Starring Gosha Kutsenko, Gregory siyatvinda, Olga Lomonosova

Production designer — Anastasia Bugaeva

Lighting designer — Narek Tumanyan

Beginning at 19:00