The Performance "Gamblers"

The Performance "Gamblers"
Saint-Petersburg, DK Vyborg street of Commissioner Smirnova, 15
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The Performance "Gamblers"

18 Dec 2017

DK "Vyborg"

18 December on the stage of the Palace of culture "Vyborg" performance "Players" on the play by Nikolai Gogol.

At the heart of performance "Players" the immortal Nikolai Gogol's Comedy - a charming story of card cheats, a masterful point guard not only the card party, but also represents a psychological battle rogues, filigree obygryvaya his victim! Great hoaxer, the master of psychological and shower Gogol gave us not only at first glance a brilliant Comedy, but a wise warning against walking along the edge of the abyss....And this balancing on the verge of morality with acute "sharpened" story makes this work more relevant than ever!

Director Thank tyschuk wittily tells the audience deciphered the interpretation of the play. A story in which not only the characters are interesting, charismatic and Gogol's ridiculous. But the circumstances in the new version of the play will be escalated to the limit: it's a dangerous play, cheating, or falling under the influence each other. In this story, at first glance, no main characters, the entire company - in power GAMES, but it is the people themselves, the motives of and reasons for their passions more interesting.

Director: Vyacheslav tyschuk

Artist: Dmitry Razumov

Artist sculpture: Alisher Hasanov

Music consultant: Richard Norville


Ihara - Sergei Lavygin

Shvokhnev - Dmitry Miller

Comforting - Andrey Finagin

Kruhel ' - Dmitri Gogic

The head elder, zamuchryshkin – Dmitry Mukhamadeev

The Glowe Jr., Gavrushka – Ivan Dobronravov

Alex – Oleg Kuznetsov

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes without intermission

Beginning at 19:00


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