Live performance of "Crocodile my soul"

Live performance of "Crocodile my soul"

"My darling insect", "cachalote my dear", "my horse dog" and finally, "the crocodile is my soul". So in correspondence Chekhov called his bride, and then wife, the actress of the Moscow art theatre Olga Knipper-Chekhov. These nicknames — the irony, the joy of creative play and authentic feel. Irony, imagination, longing for love and became the motor of the carousel — play "Crocodile my soul".

Carousel of narcissistic dandies, lovers, coquettes, moralists, matrons, fathers of families twists every minute of the action faster. Figures resembling photographs from dusty albums, whirl in a familiar routine, and facing each other. During these clashes, with all his small forces hope that the other will fill the gaping inner voids that the other will take the fear look in the face. So as not to see your own boxes and broken hopes.

"Chekhonte stories of different genres. They were written in the period of the writer's life, when he still sought his own style, his handwriting, his intonation. This gave rise to a kind of eclectic performances. Eclectic — too genre. Perhaps one of the most difficult. And so, one of the most interesting and intriguing - said the Director of performance Alexander Kladko. - How to connect the grotesque, domestic drama, skit, eccentric, parody, lyric Comedy, satire, farce, and the stage that was not visible seams? And so, despite fragmentation, the performance remained solid piece of art? That the pulse was modern, and the atmosphere of Chekhov? To watch it was interesting and the younger generation, and adults? Sophisticated and unaware of anything about Chekhov? There are no answers. How have we managed to judge the audience."

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