The project "New library"

The project "New library"
Saint Petersburg, Museum of art of Saint Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries, nab., 103
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From 18 January to 25 February, the Museum of art of Saint Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries is the project "New library". This will include more than 150 works by over 35 artists from Petersburg and Moscow, where the book becomes a real instrument of expression of the authors.

Exhibition project "New library" the Book will expose countless reincarnations: it will overcome the bounds of the text will be in the exhibition space, filled with light, sound, and even movement. In these artistic metamorphoses opens new meanings, which will allow you to look at it from an unusual angle.

The project will involve more than 40 artists from different cities of Russia and Europe, among them such well-known masters of modern art as Naftali Rakuzin (Paris) and Alexander Reichstein (Helsinki), Sergey Yakunin, and Pyotr Perevezentsev (Moscow), Mikhail Karasik and Vitaly Pushnitsky (St Petersburg) and many others. They will present kinetic objects, audio, video and spatial installations, video art, paintings and graphic works, unusual original editions and design experiments.

Traditional printing equipment will come into contact with new forms of artistic creativity. Gothic tomes will be transformed into an animated virtual book, classic code will be the art object of roofing material, medieval scroll transformirovalsya in a fifteen metre collage-dream. In the "New library" sounds graphic melody travel diaries, and poems will turn into an audiovisual installation.

The exhibition will offer a parallel world in which the characters and objects of literary reality come to life. Unfinished piece, written by Catherine II to come to the theater-dimensional setting. The characters of classic novels come from the pages of old books in the exhibition hall. Axe of Rodion Raskolnikov will become the hero of the exhibition, and materialized a watch Velimir Khlebnikov will move, will score and will play.

The project will demonstrate the diversity of approaches contemporary artists to the Book, shows what happens when the authors, known for his work with other media, are turning to the portrait subject, will present the Book in the new world of digital technology.

During the exhibition, together with the Central library. Mikhail Lermontov will be organized an extensive educational program. At the same time it will be held at two venues: the Museum of art in St. Petersburg of the XX–XXI centuries and Open to the Living library.