The author's series of children's master-classes "Breaking perceptions"

The author's series of children's master-classes "Breaking perceptions"
Санкт-Петербург, Музей искусства Санкт-Петербурга ХХ-ХХI веков, наб. канала Грибоедова, 103
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People who can think outside the box, always stand out among their peers. It is a bright creators who are on the shoulder any task. They often make amazing discoveries because able to look at everyday things "from another angle". Series of six classes includes experiments with the world around us and how we are willing to accept. Game tours of the exhibitions of the Iicp will contribute to the development of creativity inherent in each child, and the result of practical training in the creative space of the lecture will be unusual works created with your own hands!

4 February, 16:00 – first: "a colour revolution"

The class begins with the playing of the tour, breaking all notions of passive contemplation of art. The participants will get acquainted with the works of modern Petersburg artists and look at the Museum exhibition is completely outside the box.

In the creative space of the lecture the students will learn about the peculiarities of creating the effect of optical illusions and their use in art. And learn the basic techniques of op art — direction contemporary art, the composition of which is based on the principles of "illusion".

One of the tasks of walking through the exhibition will find new details in the artwork. The guys try to look at the pictures through the colored and distorting glasses, to feel in the paintings of movement, swaying from side to side, and will be able to appreciate the changeability of abstraction, turned over upside down.
25 Feb, 17:00 — Lesson two: "Hearing the reaction"

Does the perception of art and the surrounding sounds? If we can change their impressions of the paintings with music? In search of answers to these and other questions, participants will travel to the next Museum adventure.
Guys will meet new exhibitions iicp, through his own ear learn how to change the perception of the plot depending on the sound module to play audio games.

At the end of the session the participants will embody the images that emerged when listening to music with the help of brushes and paints, creating on paper own beautiful "melody".

Facilitator: Museum educator, employee of the educational center of the Iicp Alena Kurbasova

The cost of one lesson is 300 rubles. A subscription for the entire cycle (6 lessons) – 1500 rubles.

Age limit – 8+.