Peter Equestrians. "The lone Ranger"

Peter Equestrians. "The lone Ranger"
Saint Petersburg, Museum of art of Saint Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries, nab., 103
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Museum of art of Saint Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries, opens the first retrospective exhibition of famous Petersburg artist Peter Konnikova (1955-2017) "the Lone wanderer". The project will demonstrate a unique artistic journey of the master from the late 1980s to 2010 years, presenting the entire range of his oeuvre – more than 100 paintings, art objects, graphic works, archival photographs not previously exhibited.

The title of the exhibition "the Lone Ranger" is related to one of the main themes in his work, and with the way the author, with his place in the artistic environment of St. Petersburg. Konnikova never cared about the question, do his painting in the modern process of art or not. His work has always developed in isolation from the General trends of the time. Impulsive and impetuous force as if the artist sought a response in his own inmost recesses of the soul. His work was always deeply personal and therefore easily recognizable.

Traveling strangers, the sad Pierrot, the dream is Columbine, birds and animals with grotesquely enlarged heads and small figures – these images, always mysterious and sad, reproduced on variations of "dream", created in the same emotional key. The personal themes of the artist elevated to the rank of General, visualizing the subtlest metaphysical worlds, filled with melancholy, anxiety and even drama of feelings. The artist's brush full of intensity and expressive energy, involves the audience into the world of fairy-tale characters. Color in the paintings Konnikova characterizes not just the color of objects, but takes on a spiritual-allegorical sense. Clearly, therefore, the immediacy of the image gets in the art Konnikova spherical breadth and diversity of the review.

Generalizations of this type is characteristic of a series of works of the artist – "the Golden age" (1991), "Birds" (1996), "Travelers" (2002), "the Gift" (2006). Action in all these works paradoxically. In the context of the author sometimes includes his own portrait. It's hardly to guess, but it gain flesh memories, thoughts of the artist, if he is a sort of pictorial parable, where equal rights are the images of the past, dreams and specific life stage. This is the path of a lone wanderer to the attainment of the highest simplicity of life truths. The ability to see deep and not obvious, hiding behind the horizon of conventional passions and concerns. The exposition includes works from the Museum's collection of art of St.-Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries and the artist's Studio.

The exhibition will first be showing the film about Peter Konnikova, filmed in 1993 (directed by albert Martynenko, producer of Hell Stavisky).

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