The show "Magic planet "TODES" in the Theater of Alla Duhova "TODES"

The show "Magic planet "TODES" in the Theater of Alla Duhova "TODES"
Theatre of Alla Duhova "TODES", PR-t Mira, 95, build. 1, Moscow
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for citizens of Russia is required

The play-tale "the Magic planet TODES" is a bright event in the life of every child. This is an incredibly beautiful dance history that takes place within the reality of our favorite tales! Princes and princesses, cute animals, extraordinary magic and wizards - all these characters will not cast doubt on its authenticity.

"Magic planet TODES" - is a cautionary tale about faithful friends, about how important it is to be honest, brave and won't back down from your dreams, this is the story that good always wins over evil! ALWAYS!

"Magic planet TODES" is a performance of a very high professional level. Meticulously thought-out costumes, enchanting light show, wonderful music and excellent choreography of the ballet TODES, no doubt, will give you and your children an unforgettable experience.

Performances: 10, 17 Nov