The play"When we were young..." 27 January in Saint-Petersburg

The play"When we were young..." 27 January in Saint-Petersburg
Variety theatre named after Arkady Raikin, Bolshaya Konyushennaya 27

Light, touching and incredibly good performance of Yuri Galtseva devoted to generation of winners. Those who know how to love their country selflessly, to enjoy life against all odds and truly believe in a bright future. Those who won us the Victory.

Short and poignant stories told by young performers of Variety Theatre, will not leave in the soul of the viewer with a heavy feeling. Even during the war people are still people: they dream, waiting for happiness, friends, love, laughing. Sometimes through tears...

The production is full of subtle humor, original dance numbers and, of course, songs of military and pre-war time. Lyrical and funny, provocative and tender, they supported people in a difficult time, gave hope and faith helped to survive to Win.

In performance are occupied:A. kastrica, A. Kipin, A. Kokotkin, A. Lazo, M. Nasyrov, A. Pavlyukova, A. Sevastova, A. Tkachenko, A. Chusova, I. Arkhipov, K. Galstyan, D. ENIN, D. Mamonov, K. Petrov, A. Shilnikov, A. Spungin, A. Yanko

Director — Yuri Galtsev

Art Director – I. Zaitsev

Choreographer – I. Lyakhovskiy

Music Director – A. Arenosol

Lighting designer – Vladimir Kucherov

Duration: 2 hours with one intermission