Kyle Falconer: I had the idea from the start to do everything myself

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Kyle Falconer released video for 2nd single ‘Family Tree’, to coincide with Fathers Day and aptly documents footage following Kyle and his young family around as they holiday in Thailand. Mesmika asked Kyle about the cover of new album, recording process and big Britain tour.

Your debut album ‘No Thank You’ was released on July 27th. What do you feel about it? Proud, excitement, or something else?

Kyle: It was a mixture of loads of feelings. Was a bit of a nervous ball of excitement the night before it was released. I am proud though, always wanted to release a solo album by the time I was 30.. I just turned 31 before the release so I was close!! 

Why did you choose “Family Tree” for the video?

Kyle: It couldn’t have been a better fit. The footage was just for a bit of fun, my friend Connor came out to Thailand for a bit and had his camera so he wanted to document us as a family so we could have something to look back on all together. Was never planned to be used for any video but when we decided to use family tree as a single it just fell into place. 

What does your wife think about using video of your family in Thailand?

Kyle: She loved the idea! We both think it’s a great thing for our daughter, Wylde to look back on when she’s older. She gets so excited and waves at us on the screen when it comes on. It’s special. 

Why did you work alone recording the album at Paul Weller’s Black Barn Studio last summer?

Kyle: I had the idea from the start to do everything myself, it’s always something I’ve wanted to do. I had my friend Scott on the drums and Charles was there to help put it all together but I really wanted my first solo album to be self produced. It was a totally different vibe from any other albums I’ve done. It felt strange, in a good way, I’m glad I did it. 

You have a quite tough schedule during UK Tour. What about your family? Will they with you or they will support you from home?

Kyle: We had originally planned for them to join me on all the tours, we kept saying when Laura was pregnant ‘we’ll have a tour baby’ but Laura has her own stuff going on and we want to keep Wylde as grounded as possible. When it comes to going abroad for long times, they’ll come with! 

What your upcoming show are you looking forward the most? Why?

Kyle: To be truthful I enjoy all the gigs! I get a buzz and it’s nice to go back to places you’ve been before and see that your still wanted there ha! But I am looking forward to getting back overseas... it’s been a while!!! 

Which song of ‘No Thank You’ is your favorite or remarkable?

Kyle: They are all quite dear to me but Family Tree or Madonna’s make up were the most emotional to record.

What does the cover of ‘No Thank You’ mean?

Kyle: It was actually Laura, my fiancé, who came up with the idea for the album artwork. It’s my daughter on the front, she’s just chilling after having created this masterpiece of me. She led me into this new life, it’s the idea that she looks up to me like I’m her world, like this big mural of colour and I don’t want to let her down or go back to any darkness in my past. 

What is your advice people who want to enter rehab?

Kyle: Go full throttle. Don’t half ass it! If your ready to go, give it your full attention. I went a few times before and my heart wasn’t in it. Butwhenyouknow, youknow.

Are you thinking of the next album or single release?

Kyle: Next single is imminent !! There’s always talks of a new music... my brain never stops.

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