Welcome to my Palace of Roses . Mesika interviewed Rosalia.

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Welcome to my Palace of Roses . Mesika interviewed Rosalia.
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twitter Rosalia

- Please introduce yourself.

Welcome to my Palace of Roses (RosenPalace - 薔薇の宮殿). You welcome:

Vocalist Rosalia

Guitarist Otomo Rui

Bassist Masa Of Shinozaki

- Please tell us about the concept of music Rosen Palace (薔薇の宮殿).

The beautiful melody inside of speed metal.

We give you the wonderful world of love Rosen.

3. When and why did You decide to become a musician?

When?.. Probably since birth...

- What do You like best about working musician?

This is definitely something I can feel live – that is, live.
But in the preparation there are many challenging moments.

- When You began to write music and songs?

The first song for this group called ARose and was written five years ago. Now I perform it at concerts.

- Being a musician is very difficult. There are people who understand your music, there are those who do not, and there are those who understand it in a different way. What makes You not to give up and go forward?

Given the huge number of people who convey to the audience of the music, it seems to me a miracle that I can draw attention to their music.

It is a miracle.

Of course, it is impossible not to pay attention to a lot of trouble, but I overcome them.

- What inspires You?

The grief of love. Love and suffering is always two sides of the same coin, which is our life.

- Describe the most pleasant memory that you have connected with live.

On live you prepare to serve to the viewer. A kind of dinner party from Rosen. However, its preparation is very difficult.

- What influences Your clothing style?

A very strong influence of medieval European aristocrats.

- Is there a place that inspires In? Where will You rest?

I visit Disneyland twice a year, and I rest there.

- What country You want to go? Who want to introduce their work to?

I would start with Russia. Then he would reach Western Europe, it would travel down to France and Spain. This round I have a dream. I feel that in Russia I have many friends.

- What do You think about the situation jaroka and visualkei in the world?

If we talk about visualkei, it's quite wide genre of music. It's a sad song with a true metal sound typical to Japan. This is what I want to focus.

-Tell us about your plans for the future.

Until 2020 to write a tragedy about the Prince of demons, and before that to release a masterpiece album. I want this waiting in the world.

- And finally, leave a message to readers Mesmika.

I am very glad that you read this interview. I would like to convey to you at least a little bit of his sound, love and suffering.

Interviewed By Anastasia Zakirova