"Interference" - 10 years

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"Interference" - 10 years

9th November, a group of “Radipole” headed by her father-founder Sergey Rudakov came to Moscow to celebrate here, too, the decade. The capital “Chinese pilot jao Da” opened doors for all concerned in ALCO-romantic PTU-rock.

On account of the group for 9 of number of releases, but unfortunately, not many lovers of good music are familiar with the group, “Interference” from the city of Vologda. The work of the team and the essence of the songs can be aptly described as “existentialism, flavored alcohol” (quote from their Vkontakte).

However, “Interference” is very successful in some circles, and the 9th of November, these circles have gathered in the capital's club “Chinese pilot jao Da”, to once again plunge into the unique atmosphere of the personal recollections of band members (most likely) and just observations from real life team, invested in notes and rhymes.

For the concert was chosen small area of the club that helps accentuate the intimacy and the intimacy of such statements. The start was made at 20.40 and Sergey Rudakov and his colleagues came on stage in no shirt with a tie, immediately Rubanov cheerful “Fool”. More romantic “Dancing wind” and “Moscow” and “Blue trolleybus” on the poems by Maxim Korovkina followed after him.

The concert not bad at all teetered on the brink between fresh rock and romantic-lyrical poems to music. Communication with the audience was not particularly, it was clear the plan was to play about 30 songs. But some songs Sergei was accompanied by some comments, in particular the “Luna Park” with fresh album “Selfie with an idiot” - this song was dedicated to “happy childhood”.


Since we are talking about the new album, followed by another couple sugakov - “Entropy” and “Please kill me”. And as further admitted Sergei, the party in the ensuing song he can not learn and a half years - which in principle sounded slyly and began to play the chords of many favorite songs from life by the words “You're delusional euthanasia for that year...”

For the first third of the speech did not forget about “Hello, apes!” - it was necessary to begin the concert, as a joke Rudakov. And after the “Face and hair” the young man went on stage and proposed to his girlfriend - turned out to be quite romantic and generally cool. The wedding seems to be full underground.

Then followed a vigorous block of “Lenin” “I don't love people”, “Aluminum” - which live more with an emphasis in electricity, which sounded very cool - “Ugly”, “Drink”, “Selfie with an idiot”.

Under the final stretch of the concert was played the song “Ira”, the execution of which a young man was asked on stage and shared vocals with Sergey. Came out powerfully and as crazy as the song itself.

Well, at the very end was filled with “Nothing good”, “Youth” and “Gagarin”, they are existential style party Alko-rock came to an end.

Thanks to the group and Sergei Rudakova, for creativity. The world needs such a group, and judging by the filled room and a great rock frenzy these are not empty words.

Waiting 11 years and the jubilee 10th release!

Author: Dmitry Kulagin