Golos Omeriki. 15 years of the group. Presentation of the new album in Moscow

On 16 November in the capital club Glastonberry its 15-year anniversary of the group "Golos Omeriki". Musicians prefer to call themselves not a band and cabaret, because they are difficult to attribute to any of the existing genres of music, if only they invented the genre of "ALCO-chanson-glamour-punk".

Event it was decided to combine with a presentation of the new album called "Sports". The previous album was released two years ago, so fans have been waiting for innovations from the group and enthusiastically embraced the new material.

Of course, in addition to new songs, not without loved ones and relatives, which has already become popular hits. That night from the stage Glastonberry sounded: "Gadget", "Give me a cigarette", "the Gravedigger in motley Crue" and many others.

The musicians do not lack attention and the beautiful half of humanity. So they sing another song with a female name. To replace the beloved "Marina" now come, "Irina", which the audience took as their Board.

Over the 15 years of its existence, "Golos Omeriki" gathered a lot of fans of fans of a completely different stylistic directions, because in their work there is a mixture of punk rock, pop, chanson, alternative, cabaret and polkas.

Despite the fact that the guys known primarily for its black humor and the most politically incorrect, tough texts, which often become "not format", they have something more important esters and world fame: they have their audience, present, the devotee, lost its head, but its.

Returning to the jubilee concert, I want to mention that this time all came together: the friendly staff of the club Glastonberry, a variety of merch with funny signs, and provoking: "Buy!", cheerful and slightly drunk audience, even tequila girls proved very useful in such an atmosphere.

Well, musicians, igniting the crowd, is another story! Consummate punk Rodion Lubenskiy accordion, absolutely great "Carney" riding on the stage with a tambourine and playing on my grandmother's samovar, and everyone else without whom this group simply would not exist.

I want to Express my gratitude for the wonderful concert and spiritual night, and to congratulate the group "Golos Omeriki" anniversary and new album. And wish not to lose yourself, be loud, scandalous and carbon monoxide children and often delight us with their innovations.

The track listing for the concert:

Bebop and Rocksteady



Corpse bride




Give me a cigarette


The bottom

Farm frenzy

The gravedigger in motley Crue


Underground Blues

I – vodka




Ren TV

I want back in the 90s

The last hero

My childhood Golden

The game

Lyricist: Jan Sharykina