Pilot: about the internal system of self-assessment of productivity and isolation. Interview

Pilot: about the internal system of self-assessment of productivity and isolation. Interview
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Does the quarantine somehow on productivity, i.e. more difficult or easier to write new material?

Personally, I can do something creative or work in this direction alone. The quarantine is simply impossible for me, for five of us locked in a small apartment, and I was surrounded by people plus baby.

Is there some kind of internal self-assessment system. That is, if the system on which you value yourself and understand - treading water or Vice versa to make a breakthrough?

I'd love to hear the advice of those who to me is an authority in this particular issue. Their spiritual achievements, I appreciate the words of people who are above me in this aspect of life. My achievements in the work - estimated to those creators whom I align myself. Opinions of random people don't interest me as grades, self-esteem also, because it is not a priori to be adequate.

Do you find any advantages in the isolation and the break in the speeches? Maybe draw inspiration from themes of quarantine/epidemics/forced loneliness?

For me in quarantine plus one - I could spend a lot of time with my daughter. And for me it is priceless. No inspiration in this period I have, and even talking on the subject of quarantine I can't stand. I am generally very radical and do not like bursts of fashion, especially when they are based on someone's grief.

Are there any ideas for future videos are just as emotional and heartfelt as the clip is No heaven?

-As soon as you find a person who will be financially ready to take us the clip, we sit down at the table and discuss ideas and script. Besides, in this situation I give the Director the right to decide how he sees the clip for "who pays for the girl, and that her dancing". At the very same band "Pilot" there is no way to remove the clips, we didn't earn it.