Stefan from Tanzwut: on the support of the quarantine and plans for the future

Stefan from Tanzwut: on the support of the quarantine and plans for the future
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Alexei Zverev

Tell me,how are you? How do you deal with the current situation, each personally and as a group?

- Well, we are all fine. Now it is important to be positive. This is a good opportunity to find out what you длz important and well/

What do you think in General about the current crisis? Again mankind nakosyachil?

Because of the current crisis? I think compared to hunger or war, sit at home on the couch and watch Netflix - you can not panic. We must learn now is to understand what people, things and actions are important to us. I hope this positively changes the world. Of course, I hope it will end soon.

How much do you think will suffer the entire music industry after the crisis?

- Of course it's difficult. Many concerts are cancelled. Usually we can at least play the bagpipes on the street, accepting the hat, but it's also prohibited.
But you can still help. The group will be glad, if you'll give us a "like" or support a good comment or even order a t-shirt. And you can save a bit now.
The first concerts after the crisis, for example, КняZz, Mordor, Biopzyhoz or Tanzwut will certainly be very special. For this we will accumulate a lot of energy.

Why did you decide to shoot the video for "..." now, because this album is already 7 years old?

Just this topic is very relevant . Not to say that it is really the official clip.
"The calm before the storm". look what I found:

No birds in the sky,
Frozen earth:
Emptiness and silence
Forever bewitched.

And the sun is shining
And the rain is dripping,
And nothing ends
And nothing starts...

But the time has come
To break the spell,
The world will be
Again belong to us.

You feel calm,
The calm before the storm?
Nothing lasts forever,
Nothing for eternity is not lost.

You feel a lull.

Now how are your plans for 2020?

- Trying to look positively, to stay in touch with many people, use the time for things that interest me. Maybe prepare one or more projects, which are also associated with Russia, by the way.
And I want to say thank you for your interest and support. We will be back and we'll be looking for you.