Rodion Lubenskiy of Golos Omeriki: about collaborations, friendship and Eurovision

Rodion Lubenskiy of Golos Omeriki: about collaborations, friendship and Eurovision
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Do You have desire during the isolation period to do more collaborations?

In isolation to collaborate is not so easy. Well, it and the isolation that all holes sit. To create something that combines well with a live, analog communication, and it is not yet possible. And in the Studio not to get : everything is closed.
In isolation I personally much simpler and easier to focus on your new material, check it out, listen to, arrange, change seats, add or throw away. In this from it (isolation that is) although a plus. So much time with myself I have not spent.
And all the collaborations that we have planned, as if we are all agreed and discussed with those with whom we to do. The material is ready and as soon as the Studio reopens, it will be recorded on digital zvukosnimateli.

Do you communicate between performances?

Well, of course. We are rehearsing, discussing something, agree to something, working in the Studio.
And just call to inquire for each other. Now, more than ever, actually.
Well, laugh at them, of course, occasionally on some events constantly, through messengers. Where do without it?

What groups of friends?

Yes, many... With Chacha Ivanov, with the "red Rot", with "Clockwork Times", "ILWT" WITH Carabas from ex-"Hz". With a large number of groups that met us, we had then a good friendship or friendly relations.

If you called on "the Eurovision" would you go?

But show me someone who wouldn't go.
Of course, I would go. Moreover, it should have been done 10 years ago, then Russia would certainly be a plus one victory in this controversial, but world-level event.

Top 3 albums You listened to in 2020?

1. MEKA "Concert in MOSCOW club"
2. GREEN DAY “Father of all motherfuckers”
3. TIMUR SHAOV "the Secret knowledge of the met"

Your personal playlist, for a period of quarantine? (6 tracks)

APHEX TWIN - Donkey Rhubarb
MOLOTOV - El mundo
ZAHAR MAY - the Old Negro
PRODIGY - Boom Boom tap
OAK GAYY - When you get back
OMEGAHERTZ - We are here humans