Mikhail Ryabov of Mordor

Mikhail Ryabov of Mordor
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    How to cope with the situation? Personally and as a group?

    Basically all left for cottages, and I so far have been living outside the city.

    The situation is complicated and will probably even harder, but so far all that is required of us is not to throw the doctors extra work, they have it so fully. Sit at home and drink in the mode of video conferencing).

    Were you able to sit down for a new album, as he wanted the post how to play a concert of Organ?

    Not yet. Still some confusion of what is happening there. Write some pieces, but not yet "sat down". I suspect that free time there is still a lot..

    How much do you think will suffer the entire music industry after the crisis?

    I think that is very much. But it may be the first slam and the first crisis, so it will cover people in the arts. I hope we all have enough strength and patience to endure this storm with dignity

    As you support your fans? They are one of the most active!

    They are the best! we support each other in social networks

    What would you wish or advise to your fans?

    It may sound too serious for Mordor, but I want to wish all calmly and without nerves to take a punch. To protect yourself and your loved ones. If there are forces and ability-to help those in need. think of how we can remain human in this crisis will depend on its further development. forces all of us! Well, a sense of humor don't lose it, without it in any way!)

    Recruiters at job interviews sometimes ask candidates: what would you do besides work in the specialty? If the music will be absolutely impossible, what would you do

    What I've done in my life)) but music is always with me) I do Not know whether there is such a profession -"krolopp"? Well, or something like that?) the whole plot I dug up moles, I lead them in an unequal battle). No atrocities-psychological impact and is quite successful)) so that if something goes crotophaga))