Mister Misery interview

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Mister Misery interview
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Photo by Seike Clowniac

Hi guys! How are you? Tell us how to cope with the current situation, personally and the band?

All hi! We are fine, given the circumstances now difficult for each musician. We try to benefit from it high, to think positively, to stay in shape and focus on what you can achieve in the comfort of the house too often.

As group, we very carefully use the time to prepare time when will be able again to go on tour. We focus on writing new material and communicate with our fans on digital channels. But we don't just want to warm up old stories, so decided to do something special, something very "tasty" for our fans.

What do you think in General about Сovid-19? Humanity is once again something incredibly stupid?

I I think that we could react faster to prevent outbreak on such a large scale, as some information was available on time. But now we are more or less adapted to the situation and it is pointless to blame the government or the people for past decisions, but it is very important to learn from those mistakes and try not to let this was repeated again.

What do you think how strong will be the consequences for the music industry, when will this end?

It definitely will be a different landscape that we see in live music, entertainment of any kind and industry in General. Especially considering that the fact that we still don't know exactly when it will finally be over. Support at the community level was huge, but need a stronger support from the state, to have stayed afloat and small stage culture underground.

You can tell us something about the surprise that was prepared by your fans?

Well, it will be something special and something new for everyone.

You thought to hold an online concert, as did many of your colleagues?

In last Sunday we indeed have carried out the stream live (questions and answers), and it was amazing. We had planned to stream 30 minutes, but went in, and it lasted over an hour that showed incredible support by our fans.

How they look now your plans for the remainder of 2020?

We keeping fingers crossed every day. Hope to be able to keep our schedule for September of this year, besides, we're already busy with writing next album and preparing to return to the festivals in 2021!

Thank you and be careful!

Thank you, you too!