Autoconcrete Live&Drive - new format of event. Interview of Edward Ratnikov, head of the concert Agency TCI

Autoconcrete Live&Drive - new format of event. Interview of Edward Ratnikov, head of the concert Agency TCI
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Natalia Gorodilova // MESIKA

- Edward, please tell us about the situation with the quarantine and the virus, how it started, how you felt?

The world would just shut down overnight, and the world have stood up not only for us. The whole concert industry has stopped. Further predictions very much depend on how the situation will develop: improve or decline. So, today I can definitely say is that the world will return to normal, when will be found and distributed the vaccine. Up to this point will, at best, as we found the opportunity to offer.

It is not bad! What did your team until you had this format, but there was a hard limit?

- We have a lot of routine work, we pulled up some of his "tails" were doing things, which before did not reach the hands, worked on the algorithm, rested, in the end. Also discussed with other artists, potential developments and potential tours we have, since 2021-2022 year. Looking for alternative ways of working: now you see one of them. It turned out that we one day have agreed, we can say with our major competitors, the company "SAV Entertainment". One can cite the example of Kipling: jungle heat, and all the animals came to the waterhole in the jungle a truce.

- Water truce! The situation in the world and in Russia as something different?

The situation is roughly the same everywhere. There are countries that are smaller than ours, maybe they are better organized with the different parties: the smaller the country the easier it is for them to organize. I must say that in our country things are quite good and with medical supervision, and with the consciousness of citizens and the actions of the authorities. You can complain about a lot of what, there is always that challenge. However, the situation in Russia is often better than in other countries with Supervisory authorities, with municipal authorities, with the government in the end. We spent with them working on some additional rules for ticket refunds, additional subsidies for victims of the pandemic. Was largely found to be met with understanding and support! We are very pleased with the work and cooperation with our authorities.

- Great! What are your feelings on this kind of concerts?

- I believe that this format of concert is an amazing luxury for people who come here! Many, I hope, will appreciate this Deluxe format, because you can sit in the comfortable seat of his car, with air conditioning and listen to see artist, his lively eyes! Artists also see you. You can go out and to dance, to jump, but without leaving the car, because it is necessary to observe social distance. And you will see this: all viewers – unanimous, disciplined, intelligent, smiling eyes, kind face! I am very satisfied with our public services, who work in the Luzhniki stadium. This is a real feast for the people! Viewers don't need to jostle in queues to wait at the bar or in a cafe: all bring you to the place and contactless transmitted to hands, food, drinks, payment!

- Cool! How do artists relate to this format, because the energy of the room, as before, no?

- You are wrong: energy hall here more than enough! Artists see the eyes, the hands of the public, the artists interact with the audience. The audience reacts and claps, and flashing headlights, and honks. And it's so fun, unusual and very fun! It seems to me that this format is very interesting, and people just need to understand how it works and use it. After all, we do it for them!