Wacken Open Air 2015 - Louder than hell!

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Wacken Open Air 2015 - Louder than hell!
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Roman Gorbunov // MESMIKA

The festival Wacken Open Air (WOA) is the largest in the world of heavy music. It lasts 4 days in the eponymous town of Wacken in 100 km from Hamburg. Tickets sold out within hours after launch (for reference: the 26th festival in 2015 over night in 1 to 2 August, and the ad is SOLD OUT for tickets to the next fest 2016 appeared on the official website on Tuesday the 4th of August!). Undoubtedly, many Russian metalheads would like to get on it. This Grand event is held 100 km from the German city of Hamburg. We have prepared for our readers a detailed description of the WOA.

The Village Of Wacken

In fact, the entire village of Wacken for the event becomes part of the festival field. Almost all the people involved in the organization of the festival, every house in the Windows and hang the posters. flags, etc. with the paraphernalia of the festival. Wacken is transformed into the "city of metal". On site plenty of themed bars, people drink beer, socialize, take pictures, show each other "goats" and shout "Wackeeeen!!!" By and large, if you are not able to buy a ticket to the festival, you can come just in the open air and great to spend time in the company of a community of metalheads:


Interesting system selling beverages at the festival. On the field you can carry water only in such a thing, it costs 2 euros.

Alcohol is not necessary to carry – open and sniff.

Beer you can buy in a bottle or in a separate plastic Cup, with a cost of beverage container Deposit for 1 Euro. That is, drinking, drink, you can take a bottle or a glass and get 1 Euro back for each unit of packaging.

On the campsite you can bring any drinks.


To eat all four days will have mostly junk food, i.e. sandwiches, burgers, pizza, sausages in bread, sausage, toasted with bread, for Breakfast fried eggs and donuts. And fast food is represented by different countries - America, Turkey, China, etc. One thing is for sure - a lack of food will not. But you can find even meat.

It looks and costs the food and non-alcoholic beverages (coffee, cocoa, tea, etc.) Wacken like this:

You can save considerably, if you do not take the time and go to town:

One of the examples of the prices in the city:


In 2015 before the fest 5 days was rain, mud and puddles was a depth of 30 cm And when the rainfall Wacken fairly common event, remember GALOSHES will NOT HELP! Take immediate rubber boots, and the better the fishing, because it is likely to fall in a hole hidden under a puddle, or stuck in the mud in the quagmire. Boots can certainly buy on the spot, but will have to pay 25 euros.

Also don't forget a raincoat and plenty of warm clothes. We recommend you to acquire the underwear. Despite the fact that the heat during the day (if no rain), the night is incredibly cold. Sleep better in the same thermal underwear and sleeping bags, but be prepared for the fact that in the morning you will Wake up to the fact that not breathe because of the sun, warmed his tent.

Seasoned recommend to take also kanguruh and trousers with lots of buttoned pockets in order for them to stuff money and documents, and plenty of jumping in your favorite band.

At the festival there are ATMs where you can use the following cards:

ATM enough, and queues are not observed:

Around the perimeter and inside the fest, there are points Check Point where you want when passing through them to produce the bracelets, and you can ask any question. In the same paragraph I would like to mention the fact that for Germany the ideal is to know the German language, of course, you can do English, but be prepared for the fact that a third of those to whom you refer, I do not know English (for example, bus drivers or taxi):

Police cars and ambulances, actively patrol the grounds inside and outside of the fest, so you can be confident in their safety and health

About security stay at the Holy land as evidenced by the fact that many people come there with the kids:


At the festival is as familiar to the Russian guest of the festivals toilets, and these ceramic toilets with automatic washing mechanism. But not throughout the luxury in some places still are loved by all toilets. You can also take a shower and wash. The water is really cold but in the heat, which is day, it's not terrible:


At the festival you will find a variety of shops, stalls, etc., where you can buy almost everything related to the world of heavy music and beyond:

The point with the sale of official merchandise. They can buy:

t-shirt 20 Euro

lanyard 5 Euro

toy cow 10 euros

towel 16 euros

The Nuclear Blast store at the Wacken open Air

It is a shop of rare vinyl records and CDs various groups from the German label Nuclear Blast. Here you can spend a lot of time and money, but for the acquisition of rare books from the beloved group, it's worth it:

Shop "Mythology" is a Paradise for roleplayers: hats, corsets, a variety of costumes and other medieval paraphernalia. At the fest to try the image of your favorite character and parade around the field:

Discount center

Those who want to save on merch can visit the store Discount Center, where you can buy merch from last year's event. for example, a t-shirt costs 5 euros. The truth will stand behind this discount richness in the queue:

On all festival field abundance of a variety of goods. In WOA you can buy sunglasses, hats, t-shirts groups, children's clothes (bodysuits, t-shirts, baseball caps - the child immediately accustomed to good), bracelets, dresses, etc we just put a rough selection of what you can buy at the festival:


Despite the fact that he is Wacken Open Air that in itself is a Grand entertainment, the organizers have prepared for their guests a lot of chips, so they could escape from the scene and to try something new. So

The competition who will sit out. The rules can be found here - WACKEN OPEN AIR

Sleeping can:

Two-tier structure, similar to tin, which has a bed on the second floor. Probably it is a couple in love:

Throwing axes, archery, crossbow, kilometer, learning the basics of the art of fire show and the magic staircase, which is almost impossible to climb:


At the festival of nine scenes:

Two main stage Black Stage and True Metal stage are connected in one, separated by a flaming bull skull, they work in turn:

Party Stage located to the right of the main scenes

Beer Garden Stage is located on-site Beer Garden

Headbangers stage and W:E:T stage is located in the structure called the Circus in Waken Plaza:

Wackinger Stage is in the area Wackinger Village

Scene Wasteland stage at the Wackinger Village area not quite a scene on her site, you can relax in the company of harsh characters:

The ninth scene is a Movie Field, near the Wasteland stage.


Probably even pointless to write about it, because many already know what Wacken and who it serves. These days you could hear Sabaton, Cannibal Corpse, Hollywood Undead, OOMPH!, Within Temptation, The BossHoss, Skindred, In Flames and more than 50 artists!


The nearest international airport is Hamburg, 100 km from open air, and usually it is there, pribyvayut metalheads from around the world. From there through a system of ground station (S-Bahn) you need to get to the Central station of Hamburg (Hamburg HBF), passing the train station and buy tickets to Itzehoe (the nearest town to Wacken, and can be reached via railway). Ticket price - from 13 to 20 Euro (depending on the level of the train). Shuttles from itzehoe to Wacken. The fare is 10 euros.

Tickets for S-Bahn are sold in DB machines, which can be easily found at the station, but these machines accept either coins or banknotes of 5 and 10 euros. So prepare a trifle in advance or use the card. Controllers do not so often appear in trains, but if you are not lucky, the fine for ticketless travel is 60 euros. Machines switch to several languages, including English.


Let's face it, a lot of them, to be exact - a lot. On the map the letters A to Y - camp. From the nearest camp to the festival area to go 3 minutes from the far - 30 minutes on foot.


Despite the fact that there are going to be brutal, people from all over the world - the atmosphere is very friendly. We have not noticed any fights and any dispute between the parties. Come to Wacken young and old alike. People learn, communicate, be friends with each other and go listen to your favorite music.


Wacken Open Air is a stunning festival, which should get at least once in your life. Your world will change very much, but it is really worth it.

Rain or Shine!