Evolution and the space at Alfa Future People 2017

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Evolution and the space at Alfa Future People 2017
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Photo source:
Roman Gorbunov // MESIKA


This year the main theme of AFP isevolution and the cosmos. This concept can be traced not only on the main stage and the area of technology, but also reflected in the sets of artists and activity partners.

According to the organizers, people of the future will need to develop emotionally, physically and spiritually. For this Afla 2017 Future People provided me with every opportunity.


Only AFP 2017 had five scenes, which made more than 100 artists of different directions. "It symbolizes a new stage of the festival. We gradually cease to talk about themselves in the electronic music festival – we began to talk about themselves in the festival of contemporary music. This year we are taking our first promises in the direction of rap music, which is on Cass music" - commented Victor Shkipin, Director of AFP.

The main stage as always amazed by the beauty and scale. Its height was from 9-storey building, and a DJ place in the form of a flying saucer was placed very low, the audience saw the performers, and artists - audience. In previous years, all waited, when there will be a full-fledged man, and this year saw a beautiful girl coming out of his flying saucer and going to the earthlings. On the main stage was equipped with two screen, which is among the biggest in the world, and has graced the stage as always, kilowatts of light, fire and pyrotechnics.

On the main stage lit Hardwell, Nervo, Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo, W&W, Pendulum DJ set, Fonarev, Swanky Tunes.

By tradition, the audience could not remain without Intro and Outro. The first day at 23.55 guests were truly cosmic surprise: on the screens of the main stage appeared the image of the commander of the 52nd ISS Fyodor Yurchikhin, who is at that moment at the station. The astronaut wished starry sky, to dream high and strive for new discoveries. Then Nikola Melnikov, classical musician, played an inspirational tune with a live vocal, which has developed into a electronic track accompanied by light and pyrotechnics show on the main stage with the image of outer space.

Traditional Bass scene was a fighter taking off of the earth and gathered the youngest guests of the festival. It made Malaa, which has already become a symbol AFP Infected Mushroom DJ set, Zeskullz, Jauz, Borgore, Strogonov, Netsky. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather most of the light had to be moved from Bass to main, but this does not diminish the degree of heat, thanks to high-quality music and mad energy DJ's and guests.

Casa Musica has become a live stage demonstrating a new stage in the development of the festival. To this stage were invited to the "mythical" Jungle, The Soul Surfers from Nizhny Novgorod, DMC world champion A-Trak, uncompromising Denzel Curry the other live teams.

Appearing last year as the solo project of one of the members of the AFP, scene, Mash Up has grown. She has been named the most bizarre scene, where it was possible to come close to the DJ and see how it works, thus, increased the level of interactivity with the audience.

Miller Future Music was a urban design, in which he played the stars of the electronic underground: Boris Brejcha received the most important portion of the enthusiastic responses in social networks, the lovely Duo Miss Kittin and The Hacker was a gift whom rarely receive visitors to the festivals, Gui Boratto, erased the border between techno and house.

It should be noted that all space in front of the scenes were covered with boarding, so despite the weather, guests could also come down on the performance of your favorite artist.


With convenient transportation, which the organizers the first year encouraged to use the train. Which year Alfa Future People cooperating with Russian Railways: in the days of the festival were started up additional trains that went also and night. It is advisable to buy a subscription. On the festival website listed price 298 RUB, in fact we bought it for $ 250 This ticket should be attached to the turnstiles at the train station in Nizhny Novgorod and to show to the inspectors at the time of the motion of the train.

Once you exit the train, follow the main mass of people (most clearly arrived at the AFP), and if people still not enough, you just need to go right forward to the end of the platform and go straight on the paved road.

It was also possible to arrive by car. It was necessary to buy a separate ticket to the Park, but the number of tickets was limited and sold out fast. The Park opened July 6 at 10:00.

Could also come from the water, but because of the strong rise of the water on the second day the approach had to shut.

Entry to the festival


Before you go to the festival had to pass through the framework, where further guests enjoyed a screening of security personnel. Girls were examined separately by employees of security service. It was impossible to carry absolutely no liquids (under the sanctions were even nose drops), drugs permitted only at presence of the reference, bladed objects, pyrotechnics, self-stick, food, weapons.

Before entering all met a huge meme "Idun" waiting Skrillex, showing that the organizers are aware of the wishes of our guests.


After the screening should proceed to the place of issue of the input of the bracelets and cards, with which to replenish the balance in ATMs of the festival. Volunteers monitor the workload of the Windows and invite the guests to the Windows, where fewer people. The average time of issuance of the bracelet, provided that everything is in order with the ticket, 30 seconds. Before you get a wristband you take pictures, because it is tied to a specific person. This is done so that if something happens with the bracelet, to accelerate the solution of problems and to avoid transmission of bracelets and fraud. Also, each guest is given a note with the festival map, schedule of performances, competitions and the circulation of trains.

For participants of the program Alfa Priority has a separate entrance, to which they invited volunteers.

This year there is another innovation concerning the use of the wristband after the festival: if a person wants to fully use the bracelet and card after the event, then it is enough with a passport and a wristband to come to the office of Alfa-Bank, pass a simple registration procedure and it will be able within 2 years to use the bracelet and card free.


After receiving the coveted bracelet was the last stage - the passage through the turnstile. You just need to attach the bracelet to the sensor. If something goes wrong, you can contact a member of security – they abound. Note that the bracelet does not react to two identical actions in a row – that is, if you passed on the way out, then again go to the exit on your bracelet will not work.

In Nizhny Novgorod a huge number of hostels and hotels to suit every budget. They say that the festival of all available housing is occupied.

Those who do not want to go far from the festival, you can rent housing from local residents bol'shoye Kozino (which we would recommend to do in advance), or to stay in one of the three official camping sites.


To get to the camping can be on the ticket. You need to present a ticket at the entrance to the tent town, where you will determine your "address" (that is, the area all marked out and divided into streets, avoiding wandering in the search space). For every tent issue 4 bracelet, but you will need to be all four, or result in arriving late to those who have received the bracelets.

Camping Alpha

Closest to the festival field. Lockers and warm showers are free of charge. The water is heated to 40 degrees in a special pot and then served to the showers.

Caravan is a ready close to the field. Located next to the alpha. Here the inhabitants are offered a private reception with the service of alarm clock. The inhabitants of the Caravan are available free showers alpha.

Tents differ by category. In tents category are Economy mattress, blanket and pillows. The following Standard categories included sleeping bags, and Premium, in addition to all above things included tea bags with shampoo, soap, fruit plate, plastic tables and chairs, pillowcases and bed linen. That is, guests only need to arrive with their personal belongings and are located in the hotel. Round-the-clock reception can be left to charge your gadget. The number of inhabitants of the camping Caravan there were over 140.

Camp Omega

This camp has two entrances – one from the Parking lot, the other side of the Church. The property offers free sinks and fee (250 RUB) separate showers for boys and girls. The water is warm and complaints from enjoying we have not heard.

Also in Omega, we found the area (the only one, we believe, in the whole festival), where you must pay in cash – this is a field kitchen. Judging by the endless queues for budget home cooking was in high demand.

Camping Gamma

Is all further from the field. In this camp there's no facilities, except toilets. However, the inhabitants of Gamma can walk into the showers and use the sinks omega. Predominantly in the Range of workers live festival, but also for ordinary people it is also available.

Wild camp

Those who are accustomed to risk, unable to put up a tent in a field just next to the festival, but we would not advise to do so, because there are cases of theft that will spoil your holiday.


This year was a menu of a huge number of cuisines: Russian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Tatar, Japanese, Czech, Greek, pan-Asian, and many others. You can find as fast food in a variety of sandwiches (from 250 rubles), gyros (250 rubles), fries (from 110 rbl.), noodles in a wok (250 rubles) and homemade food: rice (mainly for 300 rubles, naodnom place we found for $ 250), salad (110 rubles), Solyanka/soup (250 rubles), pancakes (120 rubles), lunch combos (300 RUB). For Breakfast you could eat oatmeal or rice porridge (from 100 rubles) or fried eggs (150 rubles).


Due to the bad weather popular hot drinks: tea - 100 rubles., coffee (espresso) - from 150 rubles., and the brew and drink you can find from 100 RUB.

But, it was impossible to do without the foam "fuel," which this year was supplied by mark Miller. This year Miller and Alfa Future People has unveiled a new technological collaboration released limited edition cans, shining in the neon light under ultraviolet rays. Jar foam treated, basically, 300 RUB Please note that at the time of the festival in the village of bol'shoye Kozino sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Also at the festival you can drink and a range of cocktails based on rum and feel like a real pirate:

And for those who like a little to heal after parties were asked to drink mineral water, the stalls which were not only on the festival field, but in the camps (water in cans – 80 rubles., and plastic bottles – 120 RUB). As Miller Borjomi released a limited number of cans with the logo of AFP.


As the man of the future must be developed physically for AFP was presented to the newly expanded gym area. In total, there were 23 sport new paddle surf, Zumba, floorball. Built 6 volleyball courts , planned Race of Heroes, and Champions in powerlifting, crossfit advising interested persons in matters concerning heavy sports.

Unfortunately, the weather failed and sports zone functioned fully only on the first day, but we saw that many people had come to see and try new sports.

The technology zone

Area of technology this year was entirely devoted to space. A separate tent was dedicated to virtual reality, prevention health, you can try the power of thought to control a prosthesis, "to prepare himself for space", passing the tests, showing the body's readiness for flight, to look at the work of the exoskeleton to be supported by nano and wonder 3D printer, pechatalsya human bodies (As joked Skipin: "if someone needs to print a liver in the end of the festival, can negotiate.").

It was also a unique activity that you won't find at any festival - the Trainer of Star city for cosmonauts on the docked Soyuz with the ISS.

This year the Central area in the area of technology has become a lecture hall, the lecture which was held in the format of ted (ted.com). In the area of the lecture that was physically expanded, made 7-time champion of Russia on motocross Sergei Krapuhin, Gregory bakunow, the representative of Yandex the Health, Timur Bekmambetov, Nikita Zabelin, Oleg Kisakurek, founder of Promobot and many other experts. "We believe that Russia is reviving an interest in science" - said the organizers of the AFP during the press conference.

View fotootchet zone technology for the link.


Shop official merchandise it was possible to buy blankets (1599 rubles), t-shirts (1547.), sweatshirts (2340.), baseball caps (1495.), longclaw (male - 1950 rubles), pants (2574.), but the most relevant, in our opinion, the product was raincoats (590 rubles) and rubber boots (590 RUB).

Luggage storage

Located in front of the entrance of the festival. The storage cost is 500 rubles for all 3 days. During all days of the festival, you have something to report. Often leave rubber boots, sneakers. According to employees, the most unusual – an empty 5-liter Jerry can for water.


As always, this year's partners and sponsors of the festival have prepared a number of interesting activities:

Alfa bank has built its private brand zone, where access was only to the participants of the programme Alfa Priority (to become a party could issue one of three cards: Next, the Railways and Cashback). This area had its own DJ, private lectures, which were made by Dima Maslennikov, Viktor Gusev, amused guests Comedy Club, and those interested can register marriage in a registry office.

Beeline again surprised guests by building a huge dome, thereby to bear the concept of space. Also nearby was a platform that raises everyone to 12 meters, for cool photos.

Put Mentos theme shop such as headphones, found Mentos Connection Machine, which guests spilled colorful confetti and Communicator Say Mentos.

Burn put his private stage and made it to the finals of the competition for young DJs, taking place across the country.

From the portal WDay.ru was a vintage swing, and in the area of TNT, which was driven by Vijay Chuck could play table tennis, relax on sofas and listen to music in headphones.

This year weather gave an unexpected surprise in the form of obilnaya precipitation, but the General mood of the whole event is not affected – people stocked up on raincoats, rubber boots and kept the party going! An outstanding event, consisting of joy, confidence in the future and enjoying the present, 2017 behind and we are waiting for the AFP 2018!

AFP 2017 in numbers

50 ha area of the festival

5 scenes

> 9 floors height of the main stage

> 3000 Parking spaces

4,000 places for installation of tents for 4 people

> 100 artists

11.5 km led strip

23 sport

50 000 visitors (of which 20% with real products Alfa-Bank)

400 000 sq m Wi Fi coverage

6 volleyball courts

100 weddings

350 volunteers

20 years Master card

127 years Borjomi

30 seconds, the results of one bracelet

45 food outlets

> 40 ATM

70% of Russian technologies of all

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