In St. Petersburg hosted the 19th annual science fiction festival "StarKON"

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In St. Petersburg hosted the 19th annual science fiction festival "StarKON"
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In St. Petersburg over the weekend in the walls of the Expoforum Convention and exhibition centre held the 19th annual science fiction festival "StarKON", the guests of which were 22 thousand unique visitors. Visitors were presented the two-day program with a unique standmi, bright cosplays of your favorite characters, movie hits and lectures.


  • Traditionally in the cinema KVC "Expoforum" on 10 June, in the framework of science fiction and fantasy festival "StarKON", held a special screening of the film "the Search" for three months before his official hire. The film was produced and personally presented by the producer Timur Bekmambetov, and after the show talked to guests and gave the audience a poster of the film "the Search" with the autograph;
  • Within the movie area were two exclusive presentations: producer Ivan Kapitonov and Director Svyatoslav Podgaevsky showed footage from the upcoming premiere of the film “mermaid: the lake of the dead” and answered questions of the guests. The head of the largest visual effects Studio MainRoadPostАрманЯхин demonstrated a unique video from the shoot of the upcoming sci-Fi blockbuster "galaxy Goalkeeper" especially for guests "StarKON";
  • "StarKON" is the first independent festival that supports short films in the genre of Sci-Fi. That is why the key event of the festival was the second annual short films competition. Of the 70 works were presented to the top 20, and the winners were chosen by a special jury consisting of various experts in the field of cinema: video blogger and editor Alexander Rybakov (youtube channel ..AndAction!), Director Yegor Chichkanov, cameraman Sergey Valyaev, Director Svyatoslav Podgaevsky, producer Ivan Kapitonov, Director and animator Alexey Yurevich, as well as editor of "Kinopoisk" Tatiana Shorokhova and representatives of the Russian Union of cinematographers;
  • The winner in the nomination "Best short film" received a cash prize of 150. 000 and an internship at the Studio of QS Films. All 4 winners in the categories "Best original screenplay", "Best direction" "Best cinematography", "Best visual solution" got the opportunity to practice in the Studio QS Films with the support of producer Ivan Kapitonov in the Studio "KIT" with the support Danicamania.
  • "StarKON" together with entertainment channel "SonySci-Fi" showed a crossover of the TV series "the Flash" and "Arrow" and the first season of "American gods" on a truly large screen;
  • Ended the second day of the festival with a screening of the iconic film by Steven Spielberg - "First player to get ready." Film screening in 3D was carried out on the equipment of company RealD - official partner of the section.


Robots, TeslaModel S, virtual reality: we have tried to show that modern technologies are increasingly interwoven with what we used to call science fiction. In addition to R2 - D2 that chased the kids and flirting with beautiful girls, visitors could see the following:

  • AVT & Co — one of the largest suppliers of electric cars and charging stations manufacturer brought the "Starcon" TeslaModel S electric car developed by Elon musk. Anyone could feel the driver of the electric vehicle.
  • Guests of the event tried out the virtual reality platform the VR KAT, which gives full freedom of movement in virtual reality. The player can freely run, jump, move forward and backward, which gives the opportunity to immerse themselves in the virtual world.
  • The visitors were impressed iSandBOX an interactive sandbox that can turn a simple sand in a geographical landscape with mountains and gorges, which can be changed in real-time.
  • Robowizard, the official distributor of KawasakiRobotics put a stand with a robot artist that drew the guests in their pictures with a marker or brush.
  • Cup of RTC when RTC, held a competition on the obstacle course, which was held by the robot. Visitors were able to direct them and get tips for assembling your own robot.
  • Shop electric SkyRun presented various electric vehicle: gyrometer, Segways, mini robots, motorcycle iTank, CityCoco. Visitors were able to go on these models of space.
  • Companiesin - manufacturer and supplier of leading solutions in the field of aerial photography has demonstrated at the festival of the capabilities of modern quadcopters and other unmanned aerial vehicles


For the sixth time at "Starcon" was a popular scientific conference "Parsec", together with the educational project Lectorium and the Federation of cosmonautics of Russia.Visitors can meet astronauts, famous scientists and popularizers of science. More than 30 presentations on space, space exploration, robotics, astronomy, Cybernetics, science fiction, medicine, economy and industry.

  • Special guests of the festival and conference "Parsec" are astronauts Oleg Kotov, Alexander Misurkin, mark Serov and Dmitry Petelin. Much attention was attracted by the humanitarian track: lecture of Alexander Lakhtadyr about drama sci-Fi films, a talk by Alexandra Borisova on scientific journalism, the story of a blogger Wiki Kisimani about how to publish their works and other lecture hall of the Stronghold.
  • This year, the "Parsec" has attracted a record number of guests: many lectures not enough seats, the audience sat on the floor and crowded in the doorway. The lecturers noted that the audience is very smart and attentive. The fact that guests "StarKON" attract popular science lectures, says that the idea of the conference, which would meet the dreamers, fans of science fiction and real scientists and astronauts, relevant and important.

Open living

This year "StarKON" tried out a new format: the Open living, meetings were held with well-known presenters and bloggers, workshops and quizzes. On 10 June the guests of the "Starcon" was the opportunity to meet with Leonid Yakubovich.

On 11 June a meeting was held with the blogger and Creator of UtopiaShowЕвгением Popadina, "NinjaAction | Ninja thing" they talked about creating animations on the knee, and representatives of the Union of cinematographers of Russia has organized a round table where he spoke about the film industry and the nuances of working in the field of cinema.


One of the main events of the festival was the cosplay contest: participation of more than 200 cosplayers from all over Russia in the images of all your favorite characters from games, movies, comics. For two days they had a fight in 25 categories.

  • The main prize in the nomination "the Best costume of the festival": Kraft (personal) received from St. Petersburg Yaroslav Rochnyak and his character GeneralGrievous (fandom: "StarWars");
  • In the nomination "the Best costume of the festival": Kraft (Studio) defeated dazzling Polina Vishnevskaya from Ufa with his character a Saint Celestine (fandom: "Warhammer 40 000");
  • In two main nominations: "the Best costume of the festival": tailoring (personal) and "Best pair of the release of" the team won the Toph & Sertenus from Moscow with character costumes: Saskia -abody Angelica and Jorvet - Joiner Vitaly;
  • The prize for "Best costume of the festival": tailoring (Studio) received Alexey Chernyak character: Kashchey the Immortal (fandom: "Tales of Old Russia");
  • The festival was held only in Russia, the annual fitness contest is cosplay, which was attended by both Amateur and professional bodybuilders from St. Petersburg and Moscow. The winner in the category “female professionals” became the beneficial Alice and her amazing acrobatic performance in the image of the character: TheGreatestShow-woman (fandom: TheGreatestShowman ).
  • In the category: "Male professionals" winner, for the fifth time in the history of the "Starcon", was Sergey Taranuha , this time his character was Hulk (fandom: Marvel).

The cosplay contest on Starcon has always been an important part of the festival program. Many participants begin to create their costumes for the future "StarKON" almost immediately after the previous one. That is why members of the jury were famous cosplayers: Alexey Travkin, Grigory Hayrapetyan, as well as specifically for "StarKON" to Russia from Miami flew in the famous cosplayer Jonathan Stryker.


An important role at the festival "StarKON" took 25 booths, which gave the guests be bored for a minute: Star wars, LeagueofLegends, Supernatural, TheElderScrolls, Warhammer 40000, MetalGearSolid, Firefly and other favorite universes.

The team that created the fan stands, was once again struck by his enthusiasm and love for bench universe. In areas of each universe, the guests were fantastic the scenery, quests, tandanya stores and the heroes of their favorite movies, books and video games!

The booth also participated in the contest by the nominations:

  • In the nomination "the Best scenery" won stand Afterus (GoodZone), conquered the audience with its unique atmosphere of post-Apocalypse and elaborate stylized decorations;
  • The prize in the category "Best interactive" deserved to stand "TheElderScrolls: the Shivering Isles". Every guest of the stand was able to choose interactive like;
  • The best in the nomination "the Most atmospheric cosplay" was standardowej circus Madame Stampanti. Their elaborate costumes, perfectly fitting into the original universe, could not leave anyone indifferent, and a mermaid, and welcomes the guests of the circus, will be remembered by visitors for a long time;
  • Traditionally, the "Starcon" was awarded a special prize from "Witnesses Bulycheva". This nomination was awarded стендRustyLake for your amazing attention to detail and total immersion into the universe.


In 2017, "StarKON" was on the verge of closing. And only a huge support has helped the festival to overcome the crisis. This story made us on their own experience to feel the difficulties faced by the needy in our country, and change views on a number of fundamental "StarKON" issues.

Cooperation with "AIDS.CENTER" Fund of aid for HIV and AIDS was the first step in a new direction. On the "Parsec" could listen to the lectures, giving the opportunity to get to understand the issue and dispel existing myths and misconceptions.


Despite the fact that in 2017, "StarKON" faced with the crisis and difficulties, the past, the event was successful for us, which is why we proudly step over raised before us challenging and we are happy to announce that "StarKON Halloween" will be held on 3-4 November 2018.


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All screenings in 3D was carried out on the equipment of company RealD - official partner section of the movie, allowing viewers to enjoy a new film in the best quality possible.