Sellout: Not all people can perceive the rock music correctly

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Sellout: Not all people can perceive the rock music correctly
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Ruslan Samarin // MESMIKA

A group of Sellout always a welcome guest at punk festivals, and especially at the Dobrofest. They are good in this world and to encourage understanding. Mesika talked with Pasha and She about filming the recently released clip, speech, in children's camps and found out the secret ingredient meals #Salidarnast.

If you go “Vkontakte” in the section “Events”, you can see what you have there is quite a large number of festivals. Do you feel that the number of events is growing from year to year?

Pasha: Yes, this year is the biggest for us in the number of concerts, the largest number of towns in the solo round and the number of the top festivals in the country.

Ksenia: Yes, we went yesterday on the machine in Yaroslavl, thought eleven events in one summer. Consider, together with our local and such large, nationwide scale.

Pasha: Now is the Dobrofest, more “Punks in the city” and we went on the adventure of summer - don't know what to do with it, we just recently announced. There is also a small some festivals, which we also named. All this happened after the second part of the album - this significantly on the resources of older people, social networks and more know about us people. We pay tribute to the last album - more than everything before this was recorded.

You guys also perform at charity concerts.

Pasha: Yes, absolutely.

To you once received such offers? How to react to the children and their parents when they come to pop-punk?

Ksenia: How parents react, we don't know.

That is, this little secret between You and children?

Xenia: Exactly).

Pasha: It's all happening by accident. Now in the process of installation is our video, it is filmed including special kids. We announced it and then started receiving offers from camps in our region, Ryazan. We went once went twice, we liked it very well. We play for these kids and see them yourself. Rock ' n ' roll in the classic sense we fell in love with, and they also, we think, a little bit in love.

Ksenia: They are very good, in fact, react. There are camps where children are not that driven, but loads more just in tone, at once perceive, react, clap, shout. And there are camps where more light mode, and they look: they look like you say you do, and then react. After the concert, always a good choice. Me for a month so see how much these kids at a time. Can the whole crowd to use. The eyes are giant, burning, all so look at you and they think it's cool, they're cooler than us all.

Pasha: people Sometimes ask, like, and rock it, yeah!? And you answer that Yes, they say it is cool, not heard this before, you ask, and that you are listening and they answer you, anything but any "rock artists", that is, it is seen that there are no tematicheskih media and popular vlogery covering the rock industry.

Ksenia: We, it would seem that the group is very small, but they seem to be something so big and serious. Immediacy, of course, impresses very much.

What prompted you to acoustics, to acoustic concerts?

Pasha: just an invitation and inspired. We can't take money for it, it's wrong, but to put there phone in order to pay for the services of a sound engineer, we need money. All financial costs that are visible to us. With acoustics technically easier, so we went there.

Ksenia: And so more understandable to children. Not all people are in principle unable to perceive the rock music correctly, and children, respectively. In acoustics they are more understandable, besides, this is camp for camp acoustic guitar and the song is very natural. And later they are added to the group "VK", listen. They even immediately after the speech already listen to the phone. We get together and listen to their new album.

“Salad as it is” is your YouTube channel, as I understand?

Ksenia: We all dripped on the brain that now is the era of YouTube, and you all sit I lay out how the Fuckers. Well, we are - well, let's try.

So you still more yelling or you is a platform?

Pasha: Yes, just yelling.

Xenia: This is my old dream, actually, I've been wanting. When I was little, I wanted to have my own group wanted to make a backstage videos as we live, travel. At some point I say, “Pash, and let's be off, Let's Ksenia, if you're not for me once again this fool's head, mind, but only she OK?”.

Pasha: In fact, I am very grateful to Xenia. As I see it: when they began to appear in these videos, they began to view the people they question something, say something, someone is looking at the entire season...

Ksyusha: Local memchiki appear.

Pasha: Yes, it's very cool. I think it helps to take in the world in which he lives and helps the group to stay with the group.

Ksenia: And generally-the more we understand our creativity to be getting closer.

The main ingredient of this salad?

Ksyusha: Honesty, sincerity, simplicity. It's just us. There are things that we do not remove, do not spread, which I have not specifically removed. Things in terms of a particular emotion you want to leave inside. There is much that is in our heads, in mine, but I did not shoot or not mounted in the video because it is purely ours. But in General it we are. We are the main ingredient of the salad. All, I took this formula!

You filmed the last clip in the woods. Why this location, why the forest and why this is it for you something remarkable?

Pasha: this time we filmed a special with kids, Teens with some physical disabilities, and the very premise of the track is, and with it the promise of video is that, at least, to pay attention to these guys, not to change their behavior when they see to treat them as normal. Why? Because many of them, despite its quirks, I try to do much more than those who have these deviations. This idea burned in our head and we decided to implement it. What is good about this particular forest? It is good because there are trees, when growing up, first stelyutsya on the ground, and then reach for the sky, and we at some point thought that there is a certain symbolism. So we filmed in this forest, he is in the Ryazan region, about a hundred kilometers from us. Funding was not from this video and that pleased all the guys who agreed to take part in it, quite ideologically worked on the idea together with us, and participated on a Pro Bono basis.

And how hard is it to remove the clip now? In emotional and creative terms?

Xenia: Well, in creative we don't have much experience.

Takes can how many it is necessary?

Ksyusha: Doubles runs our videographer, says - guys, let's even this much and be fine. But physically, of course it is how to give several concerts in one day. In addition, we filmed in this area - some bumps under my feet, sand, driftwood. In all of this is sometimes difficult to move and jump.

Pasha: Damn hard. Jump up, fall into moss branch. You seem to leaped the meter, and the video is “op” and nothing else.

Ksenia: We are back after the workout on the legs. We're all tired then very much. I came back cooked as a vegetable, but it's a good tired.

You guys are actively promoted, using different channels, as I noticed. Do you have any promotion plan or everything happening spontaneously?

Pasha: In fact, there is little we try. This is probably the cant our. Is to attract a greater number of social networks, while the "Vkontakte" and Instagram. In YouTube, we duplicate what comes out of "Vkontakte", there is no unique content, yet anyway. About the other networks - we are not actively lobbying, not agitating, not set up accounts of the group on Twitter or on Facebook.

Ksyusha: come on, we all know we are trying.

Pasha: I, on the contrary, it seems that a little of everything. There is a heading "Salad as it is" and another, which has our heroes - the children draw, sing our songs, cover songs, we give them the merch. Here are just two headings. I think we nedoveriem in it. In other groups go, there is constant craziness, scandals, intrigue, something is going on, and we just kind of boring in that regard.

You can think about this faux scandal to make.

Xenia: We're just really non-scandalous.

Have you traveled you to overseas festivals?

Pasha: No, I did not.

What I would like to visit?

Pasha: I don't know.

Ksenia: We all advertise “Fine Misto” in Ukraine. I once called just to listen to Rock am Ring but it did not work with study. I'm not even particularly prosharenny, to be honest.

Pasha: beavers,for example. If you look really, these are some of the festivals on the territory of the CIS countries, in our reality it is. Although RockamRing got someone of our own?

Gleb Samoilov.

Pasha: So everything is possible and even a Russian band can play at the top festivals in the world, probably)

On Sziget "Leningrad" was still playing.

Pasha: Here, for sure.

Guys, I have this phrase I found: “Sellout - one of the few groups with a woman's vocals that you can hear.” It's in the description written. Who says that?

Ksyusha: Oh, people. We gathered the "good" that people are talking about. In fact, they say it's eww that woman needs to cook borscht, but not to sing that rock and roll is for men. That is a hundred times worse than Lusine - it did more than all the comparisons. Olga Kormukhina compared. It's good that we found. It happens in different ways.

Pasha: Is a collective image, we just ugorayu with part of the comments. And decided to make a press release, you know it's boring to write, with whom and how many times we played on some festivals went on stage. Nobody cares, four years or forty years.

Xenia: Many say: "the Old group of tired, you want someone to listen." In conversation with different groups sometimes say: “I do group with female vocals not in love.” Standing next to Pasha: "I am." I'm there too: "Well, I am."

Pasha: We don't like Russian female vocals.

Ksyusha: some singers Yes, but the men's group is closer, this is something there.

Pasha: Ksenia, always looking for singers-men: how the vocal apparatus to manage, how to move on stage and so-forth.

Xenia: Many do not like women's groups, so I try to take more from men. It has always been women, often played by men's rules.

And the last question: the top 3 goals for the next six months?

Pasha: to Record a new release to go on tour with him and to gather in Moscow any small area.

Xenia: the Man of three hundred would be nice.

And a small blitz-poll.

The three associations with the word “Dobrofest”.

Pasha: Welcome, dream.
Ksyusha: Rock-n-roll.

Dobropil - what is it?

Ksenia: It is all color and my eyes burn crazy.

Pasha: Responsive.

Ksyusha: All help each other, cool, positive, smiling.

What can you do from day to day and you never get bored?

Pasha: Music to do it.

Ksenia: to get Up in the morning, but sometimes boring. To live. Day-to-day live not tired.

Three of your achievements.

Ksenia: We recorded an album, shot a video.

Pashawas in the top three of the fest is during the last three or four months achieve.

What's stopping you to live, and what helps?

Pasha: Helps music and prevents it too.

Ksyusha: Oh, Yes, perhaps so, but more helps, of course.

To see fotootchet from Dobrofest in the link.