Sami Hinkka (Ensiferum): we came on the scene and in front of us were more than 50,000 people

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Sami Hinkka (Ensiferum): we came on the scene and in front of us were more than 50,000 people
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Alexander Egorov // MESMIKA

Ensiferum is a Finnish folk music group from Helsinki that plays melodic folk metal. They performed at Wacken Open Air many times, and this year, bassist Sami Hinkka shared feeling of happiness, the value of Wacken and most memorable concert.

A large part of the coolest folk bands from Finland. Why do you think? Maybe Finland has a special magic?

Sami: I'd Like to know the answer to this question. I can assume that it has some relation to Finnish folk music and long dark winters.

A couple of years ago we talked to Tuomas from Korpiklaani. He said that in music it is possible to combine the Russian and Finnish mythology, because they have a lot in common. Have you ever thought about the song based on these two mythologies?

Sami: It would be interesting. But I need more to learn more about Russian mythology before I dare to use it as a source in the text of Ensiferum. Maybe someday.

According to the Report on world happiness 2018 Finland is the happiest country in the world. Do you agree with this? Do you feel that you live in the happiest country?

Themselves: Finland has many very good aspects. Equality, there is little corruption, high security, free education for all, etc. But happiness also comes from within. Personally, I believe that I am free and happy.

In Russia there is a cool festival, where the audience has the opportunity to listen to groups from different countries (Sweden, England, Japan, France, Israel, etc.) (talking about Dobrofest – approx. ed.). Have you ever received an invitation to the Russian open airs?

Sami: Yes, there were some offers from Russian festivals, but they were always at the same time, when they passed the other festivals, which we already agreed earlier. I really want to come back soon!

What is the most memorable concert of your musical life?

Themselves: it is Impossible to single out one thing because over the years there were so many incredible concerts. If I need to choose one of them, I'd say Wacken 2008. It rained all day and we played pretty early, and we were confident that no one will come because of the crappy weather, but only for a few minutes before our concert the rain stopped, we came out on the stage and in front of us were more than 50,000 people. Those were good times.

Finnish bands are very popular in Russia. What are the three things that bind Russians and the Finns.

Themselves: Vodka, a sauna, and the value of silence.

What you mean the Wacken?

Yourself: hehe, well, we played here many times (this summer was the last time), and Wacken has always been a fantastic festival.

When can we expect you in Russia?

Sami: I Hope we will be able to organize a great tour in Russia in 2019. View.

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