Alexey Usenko: I Have no plans for music or lyrics to change something in the minds of people!

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Alexey Usenko: I Have no plans for music or lyrics to change something in the minds of people!
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ZNAKI — masters to gather in the lyrics of a psychedelic jigsaw puzzle is a reality that is bigger than fiction! 29 September 2018, the group vigorously celebrated the birthday of guitarist Sergey Pismerova in the Tula Harats pub. Mesmie before the concert spoke with the leader of the band, vocalist Alex, Uslanka.

Alex, hi!


What's that blank piece of paper in his hands? Going to make a setlist for a concert? How do you do it?

Yes, it's not me, it's all together decide it will. No pre-determined program we have, every time you improvise.

Since were talking about set lists, how do you feel now fashionable concerts on applications?

No; we do not give, it is complete garbage, and nothing good comes out of this concert will not work! This is wrong.

Somewhere I read that you're music do not listen, and now something has changed?

No, the pleasures aren't listening.

Well, when I listen at work, listen to her, so to speak, a professional deformation? That is laid out for the party, I think how it was done...

Yes, of course!

Well, music you're not listening. And read books? You said earlier that I prefer the cognitive literature, such as spirituality and philosophy...

Last year not read.

Well, since you previously fond of spirituality and philosophy, how you treat Castaneda, Simoron, Zelandu and transferring?

Abhorrence to all two. Second, I don't know, and by Castaneda and Zelandu negative. I read that and the other. Castaneda for me, in Russian to say, a drug addict and a psychopath, and Zealand — is a businessman who has nothing to do with philosophy, not psychology. He just makes money, good for you.

Well, and about our Vedic, the old Slavic culture what do you say?

I respect and love very much.

I notice you instead of "thank you" usually say "thank you"...

Yes, it's there.



Despite your fascination, in the past, philosophy and spirituality, you lyrics rather some kind of psychedelic. What motivates you in this?

I don't know, it's such a creative process... to write a song don't need to make plans, what will it be, and paint her script. Whatever it is, this happens, and I can't say what will be next. And the books... I think they relate to my songs so far as.

What do you think, what are your songs better — that you wrote during the depression or, conversely, when you were good?

People who have two children, I think I understand... when one child over another five years, and they have different personalities, we cannot say that one child is better and the other worse. Simply, they are different, and each good in its own right!


I will explain... Sasha Krasovitsky once said in an interview that his "really strong things were created in presuicidal", and then I interviewed said, "I think that, by and large, affects everyone who writes music."

Well, I guess it is an opinion. He has so written songs, I have different. I can't say how, and how not. The same can not be all the same.

In one interview you said: "I don't want someone's words could change my mind". And you're not afraid of the situation in the opposite direction — when your words from the scene will affect the fans?

No, I'm not completely! The fact that any words are not only mine, but the announcer on TV, and the conductor of the bus — they greatly affect anyone who is close with these words. The question is, how to perceive them! And if I say that all is well, and I'll tell fables that everything is fine or Vice versa, the bad, and people will fall for this thing... and one shot and the other will think that everything is fine, it is solely their problem! Because I am only expressing my opinion. And if the person does not have an opinion, and lives by the opinion of another person (in this case me), it does not mean that I am unable to harm him. This means that to hurt him any word in this world at all! It's probably more like a disease.

Yes, but you were listening to young people...

And we did not need not call in their songs! I do like how we have arranged the texts in the group. We have some teachers ' positions, we are not imposing anything. And as rightly said Pyotr Mamonov: "Art is not what will save the world globally." That is what we will play a concert and sing for him some of our songs, and people will listen, they will not become better, become worse, they will remain the same! But an hour and a half at a concert they will hold in that spiritual condition, which for them, I hope, comfortable. And here these one and a half hours of comfort is the most important element of the concert. Two or three minutes comfort is an important part of all songs. And we are not changing anything, I'm not trying to change the world and set against someone or for someone!

That is, you believe, as the eagle that "the audience for the concert needs to relax"?

Yes, of course! But, generally, everyone is looking for something different. Who should be thinking, who needs to rest. The fact that music is not a hook, after which change life! The life of one person or a whole society or mass a big. Music is a pastime that you can spend with use, and it is possible with some other feelings, and I try to make music, at least do not harm. And if she brings the fun into those three minutes while playing the record, or an hour and a half until we play a concert, then that's good. I have no plans to music or, especially, the lyrics to change something in the minds of people! It's useless and nobody needs me in the first place.


About Potomuchto

Well, let's just drop it and move on to Potomuchto... you told her repertoire (sex, alcohol, drugs) is closer to you, and I just meant, are you worried that young people will regard these texts as an example? Do you want to set any age restrictions, for example?

No restrictions, of course! Simply by the laws of the Russian Federation we are unable to invite to our shows (especially to concerts Patamuchta) people under the age of 18. And, again, going back to the previous question, I don't think that music may not affect healthy, normal person, his psyche, his way of thinking in the future. A group of Gaza, as far as I know, put on the ears of the whole country, but that doesn't mean they all turned into alcoholics, drug addicts and the homeless. It's the music that brought pleasure while listening! The fact that there is a mate, well, I haven't seen a single person who does not use those words, that's all.


By the way, since you remembered Hoya, let's make a little digression. You always said I was a fan of Choi. How do you treat Letovo, Bashlachev and other significant personalities of Russian rock?

Well, maybe I put it wrong, if I said I was a fan. I was never a fan of anyone. Yeah, I really liked the music, but the music I personally do not know and can not judge about it. I am very good attitude to Yegor Letov to Dyagilevo yanque... we are in the time in their songs and learned to play guitar in the cellars, the entrances. And the whole story with St. Petersburg rock club, Moscow rock laboratory — all this passed through me, I have great respect, with nostalgia, I was very close.


Somewhere in the interview you said that the Signs you are very affordable, you just bring the words and the guys already doing it all yourself: all the arrangements and other design...

Well, Yes. Before it was so.

And now?

And now... well, I just at the time hammered on this business, and the guys scored, but... and then made it so that we have simply ceased to swear, and comes out of it.

Here... and Potomuchto that there is no democracy. Why?

Because that is the project that never will. Either on the radio or on TV, anywhere at all! Therefore, if the Characters have some kind of framework in which the group must exist (well, it's just there is some kind of a corridor in which a group can exist in the conventional musical world), in Potomuchto this framework is not! There you can do anything, and I know that these songs are not for the ethers, and I there do whatever they want. I was there just one note to play the song, and I have absolutely not broken off that she won't like it.

By the way, about democracy, I still have a small question... some of the group parted with your band, because the frontman is not happy with their musical level, and he needs to move on. And there are groups that do indeed stick together because they are friends. Are you satisfied with the professional level of each other or are you all still holding together something beyond friendship?

I find it difficult to answer. For the guys just do not tell, and for myself... personally I sometimes like, and sometimes we run once a year, at least. That is, the group ends. Then again converge. I don't know.

Now let's about the composition... Hell, for example, the Cuckoo did not do as a solo album, and released it as the album of the Pilot, as he wrote it all the same musicians. Because you have in Potomuchto like the same composition, but without Andrew. So why not to record albums as plates Signs?

No, Potomuchto now. There one of the Characters plays only Serge the guitarist. My brain is such that there is changes every half hour, and what had been said about Patamuchta six months ago, not the fact that it remained. Well, I don't mean the way of thinking and what is happening there.

And another question about Potomuchto... you once said that your dream will come true, Because when you grow to the concerts. You have in Moscow a month later, the concert. Your dream came true? Are you pleased with the result?

I don't know. The result is a thing at which you realize that everything is lost, really. And I'm much more interesting it would be to make these concerts were not, and they were somewhere in the plans. Everything about concerts, people, drugs, alcohol, prostitutes and other things in my life all this has been and in sufficient quantity. Therefore, I reach no longer necessary. As for the number, with the Signs I, too, have traveled already a lot of concerts. And Potomuchto I don't see many goals that I still need to do that would be for me some new horizon. Was the horizon — concerts. But now they pass and I don't know, will have something to think about...


Pro tour

By the way, about the tour... how was your summer? Many festivals have traveled?

No, we are to the festival almost did not go. Well, high there were about five this summer... some were, but we're not really festivals. We always somehow more concerts, mansions holding it together. I don't know what is the reason, it's not that we refuse, and just for some reason don't drive and all.

Another question in the topic "mansion"... you said earlier about duets that don't want to sing. And would sing, except that, with someone of his rank.

Actually this is a useless idea with any duets... absolutely! There are millions of examples of duets that don't lead to anything. And it's not a duet, but the fact that you can't do it. If you can make a good song, you'd do myself, but if you can not do anything, no Duo will not save you. For example, I can sing with Dexter Holland and yell at the whole country, that I'm with the band Offspring together song and dance, but I better won't. It is not my merit, and there is nothing to be proud of.

Oh, and one last question... long ago began a guitar to paint?

Not! This is the last tour, started writing this year in the spring. She would not accommodate all of the city, where we were. And half of the labels have faded.

And I do not think it as something on top of another layer of varnish to cover that was not erased?

Yes... it was a story of one concert. And then something I liked, then began to write. While not erased, let it be and then don't know what next to do with it ☺