Interviews with the band Amely Sky before concerts in the two capitals

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Interviews with the band Amely Sky before concerts in the two capitals
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  • 1. . Very little time is left before the big solo concerts in Moscow time and SPb, ready to make the heat that you cook?

    We're from Crimea..., heat is a permanent condition of our souls, we prepare anything not necessary )

    2. Recently the group released a live video for the track "the Shore" which was filmed on Kerchenskom festival "Bosporus Gate". Whether you plan something to shoot at concerts in 2 capitals?

    Nope... no money )

    3. Tell us about a recent joint performances with Stone Sour, what was it like to cut with them on the same stage?

    Stiff. But the hall was impossibly powerful, and already was shit after.. who were burned as they could, and a little more )

    4. Were you able to talk with them, Stone Sour have evaluated your performance? Maybe something said advised?

    Kate said she was "awesome", and further communication was stopped by private security Corey ...

    5. But who would still from "the great" would like to slash together?

    .... the second half of the question we like: we want to cut... no matter where and with whom )

    6. After big concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, what are the plans group, which will move on?

    Writing songs, producing music videos and hack, no matter where and with whom )

    7. And in the cities themselves do to go somewhere, visit some places? Identified cultural program?

    In Moscow, all crumpled, and in St. Petersburg on Ligovsky we Park... there are enough of the hotel to go around the cultural program.

    8. In each of the cities there are "those places", some points of attraction. There are those for Amely Sky those in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and Sevastopol?

    Pokerface.... are you talking about?

    9. In the community you have announced that will bring the concerts in MSK and SPb, cool new merch, but something went wrong?

    Cool merch = cool design. And while he will not match this characteristic, we won't let it out.

    10. With the experience of playing in many cities, is there any difference in the reception of the group by the audience and what do you expect from the concert on 23 November in Moscow and on November 25 in Saint-Petersburg accordingly?

    The most precious opportunity in this life to give, and we're going to give people their music, their energy, feelings invested in what we're doing... we're going to do magic, and just hope that everything will work out.

    11. Know what your motto says: "Youth, philosophy and the wild dances". Starting from the parts of philosophy, what guidance can you give to readers of the portal "Osmica"?

    Advice? Yes, we are lost )

  • The questions were answered by Evgeniy Semenov - (guitar / booking) Amely Sky