Aloevera in "GLAVCLUB GREEN CONCERT" November 29

Aloevera in "GLAVCLUB GREEN CONCERT" November 29
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Alexander Mamaev

In November, "aloe Vera" released the album "Elimona" and went on tour on cities of Russia. At the end of the month she got to Moscow and lit in "GLAVCLUB GREEN CONCERT", gathering a room full of fans.

Here it is necessary to talk a little bit about the album. The name "Alemana", as noted by the musicians — an untranslatable word which means "a confident assertion which knows no bounds, and your pity for those who those boundaries himself". It means it's a time when you need joy, dancing and life, "in spite of everything I will live enthusiastically and beautifully."

That is exactly what concert – enthusiastic, beautiful and crazy energetic. First soloist of the Faith of the room rocked the song "How beautiful the garden," then sang the famous "Awkward" and moved on to new tracks.

It was two hours of endless music, dancing and insane drive. And the flood of rave reviews on social media: "it Was improper to stay away... had to be natural and honest. The air strained to impossible from dancing, jumping and songs," "I never danced nowhere like today", "...never been so happy and free, I was just furiously good!" "It was a mental Orgy of a thousand people."

"We do what we like" was written on the backs of artists. Faith took off the shoes and jumped around the stage barefoot and people following her, just let yourself be as you are. Had fun, fooling around, screaming the lyrics: "no pain On the dance floor, we dance as gods!" "You're that uptight, I feel sorry for the right, feel the rhythm, the heat, give in to our meeting!".

Jumping on the spot, kissing, catching balloons with confetti and drank wine, which the artists gave them from the stage.

Faith itself communicated a lot with the audience, talking about personal, recounted stories of life. As, for example, she made a compliment about appearance, but said legs.

- And me it became insulting for them! And in General, this body rides me on stage, those legs did it, guys! she said, to the applause lifting the hem of a long dress.

Lovely legs, cried in the hall. – "Songs! Sing us more Faith!"

6 Dec Vera Musaelyan with his indie-rock band will be singing for the residents of St. Petersburg. Her concert will take place in club "the Cosmonaut".

Author: Maria Frolova