10000 guests attended the "Great family festival" in St. Petersburg

10000 guests attended the "Great family festival" in St. Petersburg
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10000 guests attended the "Great family festival" in St. Petersburg

The international Day of Children – June 1, Saint Petersburg hosted the first "Great Family Festival". According to the organisers the event was attended by over three thousand families.

Lectures, Family forum, a few hundred listeners discussed the urgent family problems. Ksenia Sakiro – expert in the decree and other practical issues and well-known TV and radio presenter tutta Larsen presented their point of view on critical issues: how to raise a child as parents to form a common line of conduct, and whether you need to communicate with teenagers as something special.

"Yes, just as you communicate with other people. There is no separate way of communicating. Either you communicate in a civilized, intelligent, with a respect and love or you make trouble, be rude and fight. Adults, of course, you have to be very patient and very careful with their teenagers. The main thing – to try to communicate, – tells tutta Larsen, whose eldest son, 14 years old, Sometimes its just crazy sausage, it just turns into the Hulk out of nowhere. It is important to understand that this is not because he is bad, but because he's beating hormones, and he may be not happy about this, but could not do anything about. You just have to learn patience."

Close – on the site "Overheard in Stories", meetings were held with the "lazy mom" Anna Bykova, exemplary father Fyedor Tarabukina and other experts in family life, parenting and just everyday issues. They told stories from their own experience that demonstrate key topics in family life – from planning a family budget or travelling with children, to the role of the father in the upbringing of his son.

In the entertainment section there was many things that the confessions of the guests to try everything was simply impossible. A large music stage all day gave a real non-stop-concert – Studio TODES Alla Duhova and Edelweiss, to the speech of the actor Alexei Morozov and Diana Abyzova. In the Lifestyle area of family relaxed over numerous games for children of all ages or just on the soft sofas in the shade of the trees. In the book the zone "My friend Alexander Pushkin" was not only read, but learn to do it correctly and quickly. Their entertaining and informative locations opened CTC, charities "When I need you" and "Alyosha", a cartoon from Nickelodeon theatre throughout the day showed the cartoons. The hungry waited for restaurateurs-residents is not less popular of the festival "Oh, Yes! Food!" and the family market with gifts for the whole family.