To date, the work group "Skolot" - it is copyright music using the tools of stylistics and Russian-Slavic, Scandinavian and Celtic folklore in a contemporary sound.

Musical composition dedicated to a great period in the history of the Slavic-Russian culture - from ancient times to the present day, from the serious heroic-military subjects to cheerful holiday tunes.

The group also included in the repertoire of instrumental music of medieval Europe (XIII-XVI centuries).

The band's name is very symbolic. Chipped - self the proto-Slavic tribes living on the territory of the middle Dnieper (Scythian farmers). The word "Chipped" comes from the word "Kolo", which means "circle", "Kolovrat", "sun", "Association", a group of like minded folk Veche. Chipped might mean “United”, "rally", "Union" belonging to the circle ("district"), etc. (Rybakov).
According to some, the word "chipped" can be translated as "the Falcon" – the sacred bird of the ancient epic. Hence the symbol of the group: Falcon in the sun.


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