Alexander Ivanov and the Rondo group

Alexander Ivanov and the Rondo group


Alexander Ivanov - vocals, author
Igor Zhirnov - arranger, music producer, guitarist
Sergey Volodchenko guitar
Dmitry Rogozin - bass guitar
Vyacheslav Kushnerov - drums

Sergey Pasenko - sound engineer


Legendary Russian rock singer Alexander Ivanov and the legendary Moscow group 'Rondo' performed music, born from rock, Blues and rock-n-roll.

A huge number of fans of different ages know and love songs like: 'I will remember', 'Dreams', 'the Pale bartender', 'Moscow autumn', 'my God, what nonsense', and many others.

All compositions are necessarily present Slavic soul lyric. In any country of the world they are recognizable, thanks to the intimacy of the lyrics, the simplicity of the description of feelings and experiences. Concerts songs always fulfilled along with the audience.


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