Operation plasticine on March 10 in Smolensk

Operation plasticine on March 10 in Smolensk
Start date:
A-club Kirov street, 29B

Failing to provide the public with the album "Hungry and angry", the team has already announced the release date of next February 2019, and marked the place of its presentation in Smolensk. The group will present her new work on 10 March And the Club!

Fans of the Tambov musicians know that the team is not fundamentally gives the same concerts. Each team's performance, in addition to new songs and hits is complex and elaborate set design, richly flavored with balanced light, strong support support from the audience and plenty of different surprises.

What awaits us at the beginning of 2019? What will be the next album, "OP", is he going to continue the theme of "Hungry and angry", would it surprise you guys listeners of new experiments, and most importantly, how will his presentation, see March 10!

See you soon!